Denpa Kyoushi Season 2

The A-1 Pictures presents a new anime show titled “Denpa Kyoushi” that is now on the bubble as the developers are tight-lipped about its future due to average ratings.

About the anime show

The previous year turned out to be fruitful indeed for the animation studio called A-1 Pictures. One of the projects that had been created for spring 2015 was Denpa Kyoushi, the anime series that failed regretfully to generate lots of buzzes.
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It is a new comedy wrapped up in the series that narrates about the life of schoolers and a teacher-hikikomori.
The series premiered in the previous April. The hiatus between the first and the supposed future second season seems to be already long enough but the developers are not in a hurry to announce something.
As for broadcasting matters, here such Japanese channels as Chukyo TV and Nippon Television Network in Japan, FUNimation Entertainment in the United States, and online television channel Viewster in Europe got down to business.

Plot summary

Junichiro Kogami is a young guy who takes a keen interest in anime. Being in luck to be published in popular scientific journals, within a year or so he turns to a hikikomori and writing articles as well as making some discoveries in science become nothing but tedious ordeals for him which he gives up then. So career of a scientist is not in his plans for more. The only one thing he is engaged in is watching anime, collecting figurines, and playing computer games.
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But the thing is that he has a sister who doesn’t approve of his new interests and thus makes a teacher from him. This story is specifically about a transformation of a hard gamer to a teacher of the year.
As the series is a comedy, this transformation is not taken much seriously but provides an idea that constant gaming is not a good thing in its core as socializing should take place in any case. Our character is unwilling at first to socialize being a full introvert at the same time not so shy for words. But working at the school he starts changing in a better direction becoming a teacher of the year.
What inspired him specifically for such changes? The case is that accepting his sister’s challenge, he finds out all of a sudden that his disciples remind him of his favorite anime heroes and that pedagogy is not as terrible as he has imagined.

Reviewing the anime series

Denpa Kyoushi Season 2 Cast
As for the results of the series, we can conclude that it is a typical storyline with the main hero being a lazy player and loser. So there is practically nothing unique in fact in the story. But exciting jokes add, however, to the success of the story that can be considered as the average one with the artwork of the anime being rather weak.

Renewal predictions

Though the results are not so much high, it is thought as enough to continue this project developing the storyline of a transformation from an introvert looser to a beloved teacher. But so far we are unaware of the very possibility of the second chapter. The Denpa Kyoushi season 2 release date remains surely also unknown. But let’s hope for the near appearance of news.


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