Death Parade Season 2

Have you ever thought about the possible ways of existence after death? Madhouse presents a version of possible life after passing away in the newbie anime “Death Parade”. The series is compiled so far of only one season and we are waiting for the announcement of the second one.

Short outline

Hailing from the eponymous novel, the anime series “Death Billiards” or “Death Parade” is made as a winter project launched in 2015. The first season is so far the latest, regretfully.
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As for the additional genre, the anime is referred to "moralite", a type of stories that used to be popular. Its essence lies in connecting the certain stories to each other by either a common place or a secondary character in order to reveal people’s true flaws and desires.

Plot summary

Would you wish to obtain a second chance after passing away? This question turns to be the key one in this story as it revolves around the world of the dead which find themselves in a bar with a strange title Kvindekim after almost becoming dead for other common people. So it is a kind of a bridge to the spirit underworld but you are given another opportunity to make things better and return to your dear people.
There the guests come to be invited to play the so-called chance game. What is put at stake is their life.
So putting their life at stake, they embark in this game. There are also the spectators in the bar serving sometimes also as judges together with the immediate staff of the bar.
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Target audience and feedback

Surely, the target audience is comprising only adults. Such things as death and playing games of chance are too serious and mind-blowing that shouldn’t be shown to children. The narration is overloaded, moreover, with postmodern jokes, as well as allusions to the masterpieces of cinema and literature.
As for the reception, in the general aspects, the series is quite promising though the artwork leaves much to be desired in fact. And there is no essence to search for reasons if to know that the Madhouse Studio works are not peculiar for polished graphics as well as bright color. Everything seems to be muted there with the dark colors prevailing over light ones. The design of the character is not realistic. Though it can be made on purpose to achieve the needed effect of this particular moralite story as dark colors are often used when depicting death.
On the other side of the fence the popularity of such kind of stories packed with cautionary tales, especially when spiced up with intelligent humor, stands.
Death Parade Season 2 Cast

Presumed future

In any case, no matter, what the feedback of the anime story is, we are not in possession of any piece of info concerning the resumption of the series as well as regarding the  Death Parade season 2 release date.
Let’s wait for some time as the situation can be changed any day. Be in the swim in order to get to know about these changes at first hand.


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