Dance with Devils Season 2

When it comes to anime, in the mind of many fans of this genre often appear images associated with magical and mysterious stories full of puzzles and battles. Basically, the show Dance with Devils on Funimation channel can be characterized in this way, but this project is not just exciting; everyone will find in it something of his own and will be able to appreciate the authors’ idea. Since the first episode to the last it is impossible to break away from the action, which takes place on the screen, which makes the series particularly valuable to the public. No one still is aware of the fact when Dance with Devils season 2 will be presented. Release date of the renewed second part hasn’t been mentioned yet, but its coming will certainly be accepted by all the viewers with great joy. The series has rather high rating, so there are good chances for the anime to return and its next new episode to gain even higher popularity than before.

Creators and Developers

Dance with Devils Season 2
The pilot season premiere was set for October 7, 2015, and its finale episode was shown on December 23, 2015. More than a year has passed since that time, and the audience now is waiting for the second season air date and supposes that it will contain the same number of episodes – 12.
The director and creator of the anime series is Ai Yoshimura, a Japanese author. In the process of creating the show he was helped by other professional writers Kristen McGuire and Tomoko Konparu.
The studio which will definitely present a new season of Dance with Devils in case of renewal is Brain’s Base. An English network broadcasting the series is Funimation.

Plot Peculiarities

A diligent student Ritsuka Tachibana suddenly gets shocking news: she is summoned by the council. At the meeting she learns that her mother is kidnapped, and this is the beginning of a string of mysterious events, and Ritsuka’ life is radically altered. She understands that in addition to the familiar world, there is also the world full of evil – devils and vampires. And both the groups are doing their best to find a mysterious amulet, whose strength will allow its owner to rule the whole world.
Dance with Devils Season 2
The actors forming the cast of the anime and voicing the main characters are:

  • Himika Akaneya (she presents Ritsuka Tachibana);
  • Wataru Hatano (his character is Linda Tachibana);
  • Sōma Saitō (voices Rem Kaginuki);
  • Takashi Kondō (presents Urie Sogami);
  • Subaru Kimura (voices Mage Nanashiro) and many others.

Viewers’ Expectations and Prospects

The public hasn’t yet got the information about when new season release date will be announced. But all the viewers consider that there is not too much time to wait. On IMDB the rating of the series is 6.6/10, which is not very high, but a large army of anime’s fans proves that the show is worth watching. Stay tuned not to miss the premiere and get the latest news.


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