Dagashi Kashi Season 2

An amazing and serious story was presented by the authors of the anime Dagashi Kashi, created based on a famous manga series. This project in 2016 was a gift for many fans of Eastern cartoons and was able to please both children and adults. After all, the show raised the topics that are of discussion at any time – honor, conscience, friendship, etc. After the pilot season premiere of the anime TBS channel fans of the genre were looking forward to release of each subsequent series, and after the last episode of the first season was shown, the audience, all increasingly began to contact the authors of the project with a question: when will Dagashi Kashi be renewed for season 2? Release date of the next part is still not known, and the audience believes that the show will return with its new episode in the near future. Its coming will be a great pleasure for the fans, so the filming crew will definitely take it into consideration.

Authors and Developers

Dagashi Kashi Season 2
The first season air date was presented to the public on January 7, 2016 and lasted till March 31, 2016. The whole consisted of 12 episodes, and this is not so many for real lovers of good anime.
The director of the series is Shigehito Takayanagi, a Japanese author. His crew includes such professional anime screenwriters as:

  • Yasuko Kamo;
  • Michiko Yokote;
  • Kristen McGuire;
  • Tatsuhiko Urahata.

The company responsible for the production of Dagashi Kashi is Feel, the studio involved in anime series making. The channels broadcasting the show are TBS, SUN, CBC.

Plot Peculiarities and Cast

A young man Shikada Kokonotsu loves drawing manga and wants to become a professional artist, but his father, who owns a sweets store, wants his son to help him run the family business. Kokonotsu is not very happy, but for one day he has to join his father’s business to know all the details of his work. Suddenly, in the store comes a young and beautiful girl Shidare Hotaru, who is a representative of a large company producing of sweets. She comes with a proposal to buy the store, so that it might become a part of the corporation. But now Kokonotsu has to take a serious decision whether he should become a party to his father’s business or not.
Dagashi Kashi Season 2
Those voices heard in the series belong to the following actors, who have managed to perfectly reflect their characters’ mood:

  • Atsushi Abe, voicing Shikada Kokonotsu;
  • Manami Numakura, presenting Saya Endō;
  • Ayana Taketatsu, acting as Hotaru Shidare;
  • Keiji Fujiwara, whose character is Kokonotsu’s dad Yō Shikada;
  • Tatsuhiha Suzuki, voicing Tō Endō, and others.

Anime Rating and Prospects

The creators haven’t yet mentioned when new season release date is going to be announced. Everything the public can do is just waiting for the continuation hoping that season two will be as catching and interesting as the first part. The series rating on IMDB is 6.4, and it’s likely that the following part will gain a higher mark. Stay tuned to know about the authors’ decision and be aware of all the changes in the schedule.


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