Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki Season 2

As a spin-off of the Red Dragons game, the series is narrating about an exile and conquering of the true crown power of D’natia. The series is not renewed so far and we can only hope now for the near appearance of inspiring news from the producers of Silver Link.

Quick sketch of the newbie

Internationally broadcasted, the series serves as an animation project by Silver Link. The airing is set specifically on KBS Kyoto, Nippon BS Broadcasting Corporation, Sun TV, Tokyo MX since the summer middle 2015.

The American distribution is possible due to FUNimation Entertainment. The fans in Europe are provided with the anime series thanks to Viewster in the UK and in France.

Narrative details

The plot of this series is predicated on the game “Red Dragons” in which the virtual reality is set on the island called Nil Kamui. The army of the Koran Empire seized the country and the major power of D’natia is defeated.
The young heir of this dynasty, the last one among his family members, managed to survive but was sent to the house for orphans.
This young guy is chased, nevertheless, by evil people who are willing also to conclude a contract with the Red Dragon, the local god. The legend is that if the contract is signed, a person is given an opportunity to save the residents of the country from seizure.
Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki Season 2 Promo
All people living there turn to be united in their desire to be saved by Ibuki and him obtaining the gift from the god.
However, the boy is not bearing even a thought about war, but the tragic situation needs it to conclude a contract and star a war.
The power of the Red Dragon exploited then by Ibuki has its side effects as the contract has almost diabolical conditions. Ibuki is accompanied everywhere by a female demon named Eiha. She can be reckoned as the bodyguard of the Prince. Together they embark on the search for the Red Dragon with each of them following their one’s own purposes.

Feedback from the audience

Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki Season 2 Cast
Though bright colors including the red one are filling the picture, the graphical aspects are middling. However, the characters are developed properly with their costumes designed in a very unusual way. Here the characters wear much-detailed clothes. The landscapes and interiors, nevertheless, leave much to be desired. This can lead only to one thought: the producers were limited in their project funding.
The dynamics of the narration compensate, however, for the average artwork. The series is chosen for DVD distribution, as you know and that supplies us with a conclusion that the story is in demand and therefore we can expect the renewal of the anime series sometime in the future. So far, regretfully, the situation proposes to us only the chance to wait for the official announcement of the Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki season 2 release date. Be in the swim if the producers decide to gladden us with an inspiring portion of info.


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