Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2

With the present state of affairs, we are looking forward to the announcement of the Bungou Stray Dogs renewal or cancelation. As the serial turns to be quite popular with the release of its pioneer and so far the latest season, it is very much probable that we are going to enjoy another round.

Brief portion of basic info about this anime

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The agenda of this article presented in the anime serial named “Bungou Stray Dogs” is considered as a newcomer developed by the Bones studio predicating on a popular detective mange under the same title.  The series is developed for broadcasting it on the Japanese channel as well as on the American TV network called Crunchyroll.
With the premiere being set recently in particular at the beginning of this past April, the anime adaptation now includes one season consisting of 9 already available episodes. The airing has not been put so far to an end. So we are expecting the appearance of other parts.

Plot summary

The series turns to be narrative of the hazardous yet compelling adventures of the mysteries investigators united by the title of the investigation firm “Arms Detective Company”.

It comes to be quite curious that the names of these detectives coincide with the names of the popular Japanese authors as well as the characters from their masterpieces.
But as the idea of the anime suggests, we cannot just deal with a simple investigation of cold cases. Here we face the characters with superpowers. Let’s get acquainted with them a bit closer.
So Osamu Dazai and his future employee Atsushi Nakajima meet under quite unusual conditions when the latter one saving the detective out of a river. These dramatic events are followed by Atsushi becoming an integral part of the detective agency as he has found out the superpower lurking within him.

When it comes to ratings of this newcomer in anime industry

The series with a successful combination of mysteries investigation and fantastical things such as superpowers possessed by main characters is always destined to be accepted with flying flowers. The discussed anime is not an exception to this rule.
The reviews from critics as well as from common viewers are inclining towards unanimous favorable acceptance.
According to this unanimous point-of-view, the developers from BONES managed to create a really atmospheric anime which is presented as a mixture of the modern, the Gothic, and steampunk.
The superheroes serving here as detectives are considered to be excellent examples for charismatic characters that tickle audience attention and interest. Moreover, the graphics is reckoned to be nothing but a perfect piece for true enjoying also together with soundtracks crammed into the narration.
As the series is so far in the process of the step-be-step release, we shouldn’t be under the illusion that the Bungou Stray Dogs season 2 release date could appear in the near future. We can only hold out hope that this anime will appear again with a new portion of episodes this autumn.


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