BBK/BRNK Season 2

Fans of Japanese anime series should cry with delight cause the new anime series created by Jir? Ishii and Daizen Komatsuda is something really delightful! Shall we be waiting for the continuation or not? Sanzigen released BBK/BRNK for the anniversary of the company. The first episode was released on the 9th of January and the last one was aired on the 26th of March. These 12 episodes tell a story of Azuma Kazuki and his fantastic sci-fi adventures far away from planet Earth. Interested? Read more or simply start watching BBK/BRNK right now cause it’s available not only on TV but it’s legally streamed by Crunchyroll.

Brief Description

BBK/BRNK Season 2 Poster
Azuma Kazuki, the one who’s in the center of the plot, lives on a mysterious island that floats far away from our planet. But it’s inhabited not only by human beings – giant Buranki robots live on that island considered to be sleeping. Of course, one day it turns out that they start to wake up. Azuma Kazuki’s mom sends him to Earth and give him a fake name in order to save him from pursuit. Azuma starts his lonely journey in a new world of people with his beloved parents and mother island behind.
In some years Azuma Kazuki is forced to get back to his birthplace. It doesn’t look the same anymore being in a post-apocalyptic state. He gets stuck into real troubles being caught by the authorities and later saved by one of his faithful friends. Now his aim is to save his motherland from the tyranny. But he’s not alone anymore…

Characters and Plot Elements

  • She’s one of the strongest Buranki robots and Migiwa Kazuki’s property. Woke up 10 years before the apocalypse. Was turned into Bubuki creature consisting of several independent parts that can be controlled by a group of people.
  • Azuma Kazuki. A kind, thoughtful boy willing to finally get the justice and unaware of Bubuki and his origin. Later he gets his own Bubuki that is going to be fully controlled by Azuma. The thing is that when Bubuki is hurt, it’s owner also feels pain, that’s why the way Bubuki performs often depends on the physical and mental state of it’s owner.
  • Kogane Asabuki. She is a good friend of the main hero. They know each other from childhood. She’s got a unique Bubuki that looks like a glove ready to move wherever she sends it and can be absolutely independent from the owner. This Bubuki is a part of Oubu. It serves as its right arm that’s why Kogane calls it “Righty”.
  • Hiiragi Nono. Behaves like a leader and his Bibiku’s part is left leg.
  • Kinoa ?gi. A girl in glasses. She controls Bibiku’s left arm that is formed with special swords that Bibiku can use in fighting. They also make him able to fly.
  • Shizuru Taneomi. A quiet girl that controls the rifle of Bibiku.

That’s a cool sci-fi fantasy series with nice special effects, music and unique plotline.

Worldwide Broadcasts

The cartoon was also aired in Russia and United States of America with slight differences in the plotline and changes in the name of main characters.

Any Hope for Continuation?

The project was unique from the very beginning, but due to the positive rating it will probably have the continuation. However, Sanzigen keep silent sharing no news about the possible broadcasts of BBK/BRNK in the future.


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