Baby Steps Season 3

Achieving success, no matter what sphere we mean, needs time as well as applying as much effort as possible. This idea turns to be shown in the anime series “Baby Steps” which is now on the edge of being canceled since there has been no official statements so far concerning its continuation.

Sketching the series

Serving as an adaptation to the manga under the same title, the series “Baby Steps” has been gladdening us since April 2014. Accepted with flying flowers, the serial was renewed immediately for the second run which started in the previous spring.
Baby Steps Season 3 Poster
This anime is, by the way, in luck falling into good hands of animators working for the company with a great reputation in terms of anime fabrication. So it is the studio named Pierrot.
As for the broadcasting, here the Japanese channel NHK embarked on distributing it. The universal airing is the immediate task for the North American online service Crunchyroll and as well as for such resources as Anime Digital Network and European Viewster.

What were we to follow in the latest circle?

Eiichiro Maruo is the main hero peculiar for his desire to perform everything in the best way. But an advanced level should be deserved in any case. He catches himself thinking about it when he gets involved in tennis. Being practically in love with this kind of sports, he realizes that he lacks experience as well as physical conditioning. But he tries to compensate for this lack with his intelligence being applied in the best way to the tactics as well as with an increased volume of training.
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The second season depicts as well this character with him being stepping up somehow in terms of techniques used during tennis games but standing so far on an amateur level. Everything is still in his hands and he is not willing to give up being set to achieve success in this sphere.
In the sophomore round, however, Eiichiro is participating in a violent competition in the USA, Florida. Can he prove that he is worth something in this kind of sports? Will he be able to show his best?

Typical story with middling graphics

Though the story is capturing in the whole, the plot has been referred by critics to those middling ones which we are following in various series from year to year.
Moreover, the drawing is also accepted as something of a standard type. But could we expect here some super graphical aspects appearing on our screens? Surely, not, as the standard animation can be reckoned as quite sufficient for this story.
Baby Steps Season 3 Cast

Can the story be revived?

Though the series has many things to bash it for regretfully, we are not deprived of a hope for the better news to come from the creative of the anime series. We mean here the news of the resumption for the third installment. The supposition is that the next circle can gladden us only at the end of this year or in 2017.
The Baby Steps season 3 release date is surely unknown. So keep on monitoring the situation as the announcement is possible to appear any day.

Update: Baby Steps Season 3 Release Date

The third season did not come out last year. That can only mean one thing, it will come out in 2017, which might be very soon. Of course, it doesn’t mean the season is just around the corner, but it’s, nevertheless, entirely possible.
That said, let’s not let our hopes rise up too far. A cancellation is always a possibility, after all.
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