Arslan Senki Season 2

Do you love the stories about boys who are maturing from the freshers to experienced commanders? If yes, this story is for you. Though the plot is rather thrice-told, it doesn’t, however, influences its popularity. Now we have only one season in store and hope that the second season will be slated for a premiere.


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In a far 1991 year, the world has seen the anime adaptation of the famous manga titled “Arslan Senki” and created by Hiromu Arakawa. The entire six parts from OVA were under the stage of launching till 1995.
In spring 2015, the producers of very small and not so famous firms titled “Liden Films” and “Sanzigen” made up their minds to unite their powers in the filming and began collaborating with each other. The result of this collaboration was the following new serial that obtained a different name, exactly “The Heroic Legend of Arslan”. It is considered to be a remake of the original story of the manga but not of the first anime adaptation.
So the new anime series appeared in the previous year, to be more concrete on April 5.
Having one season under the belt seems to not suffice for the manga fans. That’s why the worldwide hope that the second season is to take place is fixed securely in the minds of a large number of people.

Plot summary

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The story is about the rebirth and fall of the prince named Arslan, the main character on which the plot centers on. In his teenager’s year, the prince has to get to know what such words as betrayal and defeat signify truly.
The thing is that his father was betrayed by a person whom he has considered being the most honest and true man.  During one battle, the king had nothing to do but to retrack. Thus, Arslan’s father was thrown down.
The prince managed to escape the evil plans of the father’s former generals which consisted in the boy’s death. With the assistance of Arlan’s trustworthy bodyguard named Darium, he left the country without being noticed. Thus, his adventures are brought to a start.
The story is by the way about the personality development. In the beginning of the series he is a young and consequently completely inexperienced boy with a sensitive and emotional heart. While the plot is progressing, Arslan is growing and turns to a confident leader, on whom the residents of the country can rely on. A large number of people is joining his opposition which goal is to return the power of the former king.
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Information about the possible release date

As the manga on which the series story is based is still under way, there is a very great possibility that the second season of the serial will take place by anyway.
In October 2015, it became known that the developers assured that the second chapter will have a premiere. There is no information about the plot details and the Arslan Senki season 2 release date. However, there are some suppositions that the debut is to be held this very spring. As the spring has already come, we should be completely focused in order not to miss the premiere.


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