Aquarion Logos season 2 Release Date

Aquarion Logos season 2 Release Date


Satelight studios do not stop creating amazing shows. All of their projects have been successful, and this one is not an exception. Aquarion Logos – the 3rd part of the animated franchise. We hope it is not going to be the last one!

The series is a sequel to Aquarion Evol, first broadcast in July on Japanese and American channels. It is regularly on in Australia, New Zealand, in the USA and in France.


Meet Kaibuki, Akira (voiced by  Shimazaki, Nobunaga), Tsukigane, Maia (Sakura, Ayane), Kenzaki, Subete (Adachi, Yuto), and Kenzaki, Sougon (Nakata, Jouji and Kusunoku, Taiten).


The action takes place in modern-day Japan. The most part of events happens at "SHIROBACO" (the name of a real cafe in Tokyo owned by Satelight, the producers of the show). The main hero must fight against M. J. B. K. It means “Menace of Japanese with Biological Kinetic energy”. The Japanese meaning is “corrupted text”. M. J. B. K. are monsters transformed from letters.

There are also Dark Angels – creatures full of great destructive power. They had been asleep somewhere deep in the Atlantis. They woke up and a horrible and strange disaster happened on the Earth – the literal meanings of words became material. The words started hurting, giving physical pain to the most part of humans. However, there are brave people ready to fight for the planet.

Aquarion is born – a mechanical monster. Three destroyers were used to make its body and souls of their three pilots were used to give him life. Such a powerful opponent is the only one to resist the evil Dark Angels.

The anime is filled with unusual designs, mechanisms and modern technologies. However, there are details in the series that remind of retro Japanese animations.


The sequel is not going to be broadcast soon. The producers say it will happen not earlier than in summer 2017. Mechanical machines are not so popular on TV and cinema today, that’s why the faithful fans will surely miss this series. The producers are still creating the schedule and planning the exact date for the new episodes to appear.

The first episode of the next season is promised to be the director’s cut edition.

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DAquarion Logos season 2 Release Date
Aquarion Logos season 2 Release Date

Aquarion Logos Episode 1 English Sub HD

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