Aldnoah.Zero Season 3

It turns out that the war between Mars and Earth is not over after fifteen years have passed since the explosion of the hypergate on the Moon. Another attack from the Earth’s side causes a new wave of battles. Follow the anime series “Aldnoah.Zero” and you will find the underlying cause of the conflict.

Brief review of the anime

Anime show “Aldnoah.Zero” is the one that fills the pack of mecha anime television series. The story narrates about robots serving as a joint venture of Olympus Knights, A-1 Pictures, as well as Troyca. Sounding stands behind Hiroyuki Sawano with the opening theme song being performed by Kalafina.
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Directed by Ei Aoki, the series debuted in summer 2014. He comes to work in pair with Gen Urobuchi, a person with whom Ei Aoki has been collaborating while creating Fate/Zero. Now the story scripted by Katsuhiko Takayama and originally by Urobuchi has two seasons under its belt.
Each circle includes 12 episodes. The second release was given a quick start already in January 2015 taking into consideration that the first season had bowed out only in September. So the success of the robotic project is obvious.
The broadcasting of the anime series is held on Tokyo MX, Nitroplus, AT-X and several other Japanese channels. As for the American broadcast, here the matter was taken by Aniplex, the network that licensed the series streaming in 2014. The Australian distribution cannot run without Hanabee.
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Plunging into the story particulars

Let’s make a retrospective journey to the prehistory of the events described in the anime series. So everything starts with the discovery of an ancient alien hypergate perched on the moon in the previous twentieth century. That technology comes to be exploited to the full while pursuing to migrate to Mars and make a settlement there.
Settling finally on Mars led to people proclaiming the territory as their ownership and naming it the Vers Empire. The war was unavoidable. Battling was held particularly on the Moon which resulted in it being practically completely destroyed with the explosion leading to the formation of a belt of debris around the planet.
Some stations were created inside the debris belt and a ceasefire was established. About fifteen years have passed since then and now in 2014 an unexpected attack is accomplished by the Empire on Earth. The concrete goal is the Vers princess. So ceasefire cannot be maintained now as people decide to conquer Mars once and for all.
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Popularity of the series

Sticking around seems the obvious result of this anime broadcast. High rating figures and critically favorable response should inspire the developers to embark on creating new episodes basing on the manga. But the situation is so far against us with the resumption as well as the Aldnoah.Zero season 3 release date remaining somewhere flying in the air. Be in the swim in case some changes take place.

Update: Aldnoah.Zero Season 3 Release Date

Believe it or not, at times, series take a lot of time to get a continuation. This is especially true for anime. For some reason, it might take years to finish a project or even to get a single update.
Well, it looks like it might be the case here. Aldnoah.Zero Season 3 is yet to come out, and there has been no news concerning its release. Stay with us and we will notify you the moment any kind of news comes through.


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