Akatsuki no Yona: Yona of the Dawn Season 2

Another solid anime series from Pierrot is getting traction on Funimation since the middle of March 2015. Now the second chapter is still a questionable thing though it is high time to announce something at least promising for the loyal following of the series.

Quick review of the anime

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The series under the title “Akatsuki no Yona: Yona of the Dawn” is reckoned to be another project in the genre of anime developed by the studio famous for a variety of animations to which it has given birth that is called specifically Pierrot. The original Japanese version saw the light of day yet in the autumn 2014. As for the English variant of this anime series, it was brought to airing throughout the world since the license to the broadcast had been obtained in the previous year.
From the start of spring 2015, the network specifically referred to as Funimation commenced to air the version of the anime with English dubs, beginning, however, with the second part of the opening installment while the first part of the pioneer season is expected to be released later on in the future.

As for the story itself

Embarking on watching this anime, we are destined to follow the dramatic narrative about the struggle of a princess pursuing to bring back the throne that is hers by the right of inheritance.
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Commencing with a prehistory of a capricious young princess who doesn’t experience anything connected with life trials and tribulations, the story is quick at turning into a bloody drama, when Princess Yona loses everything she has possessed earlier – her father, her kingdom, as well as her home, her beloved kingdom.
The reason for her grief is one person – her cousin named Soo-won who turns to be enthusiastic about becoming the only one ruler in the kingdom murdering the royal family.
Yona is in luck to be saved by her bodyguard named Son Hak who helps her to escape and follows her in her journey which goal at first is to hide from warriors of the new self-proclaimed king.
Later on, the principal heroine decides to bring back her throne. The question is whether Son-won is able to protect him and his wrongly obtained throne. Will Yona inflict avenge upon her father’s killer? What mystery does the already died king keep expelling his brother from the kingdom and thus refusing from the marriage of Yona and Soo-won?
In order to get a reply to all these questions, follow the already available episodes of the series pioneer chapter.

Concerning the current season and possible resumption for the second one

Akatsuki no Yona: Yona of the Dawn Season 2 Cast
The story for portrayal is quite long in fact, that gives us a solid reason to make suppositions that the series should be renewed for other rounds in the near perspective.
However, so far as the matter with the current announcements stands, we have no data available concerning the possibility of the series resumption as well as the Akatsuki no Yona: Yona of the Dawn season 2 release date.
That’s why we should keep an eye on the development of events around this Japanese project in order not to miss any kind of data appearing straight from the horse’s mouth.


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