Ajin Season 3

The story of Ajin is a typical project in the anime genre, which tells of immortal warriors and great battles. Fans of the series have noticed that this show is a project where different kinds of stories are combined, and the best is collected, according to many viewers. Already for two seasons the series has delighted its fans around the world with its bright plot and high-quality cast, but after the last episode of the second season aired, the audience began to wonder about the possibility of the second season premiere. The public hopes that a renewed program will be released soon, but, nevertheless, worries about the possibility of continuing and often ask the authors of the project the following question: when will Ajin season 3 air on any TV channel? Release date of the next season is likely to be presented soon, and because of its popularity the project has all the chances to return in the near future.

Creators and Producers

The pilot season air date took place on January 16, 2016, and finished on April 8, 2016. The last episode of the second season was shown not long ago, on December 24, 2016. There is still no information concerning when new episode of the show will be presented, but the prospects are positive.
Ajin Season 3 date release

The people who may be called the main creators of Ajin are Hiroaki Ando and Hiroyuki Seshita, Japanese anime makers. Those who wrote the script of the series and developed the whole story are Tsuina Miura, Hiroshi Seko and Gamon Sakurai.

There is also a crew of professional producers, promoting the series and making it popular among the public. These people are:

  • Takuya Matsushita;
  • Yoshihira Furusawa;
  • Go Nakanishi;
  • Hiro Maruyama;
  • Hiroshi Kamei;
  • Hideko Moriya and a few others.

Ajin Season 3

The studio producing the project is Polygon Pictures, the company which is responsible for the coming of the second part and presenting the new season air date.

About the Series and Cast

17 years before story of the series for the first time unusual people who were immortal began to appear on the battlefields in the world. Later such creatures began to appear among ordinary people, and they were called Ajin. One of the characters in the series is a schoolboy, who dies in a traffic accident, but who later is revived, and now the guy differs from the majority of people and faces many challenges.
Ajin Season 3

The people whose voices are heard in the show are such actors as:

  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Kaito;
  • Pete Sepenuk in the role of Sato;
  • Mikako Komatsu, presenting Izumi Shimomura;
  • Mamoru Miyano, acting as Kei Nagai;
  • Todd Habberkorn, voicing Tosaki and some others.

Possible Continuation and Prospects

There is still no finale information in mass media about when the second season release date is going to be introduced. The series Ajin is very popular among the audience, and both different critics and ordinary viewers claim the show must go on. Its rating is high (7.9/10 on IMDB), so stay tuned to follow the news and be aware of the terms of the next season start.

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