Active Raid: Kido Kyoushushitsu Daihachigakari Season 3

Already fairly standard idea is to use the theme of the near future in a variety of action and science fiction films. But for anime projects such a format is quite specific, so the show Active Raid: Kido Kyoushushitsu Daihachigakari has become a real discovery for many fans of this genre. In this series is presented the story of police units involved in the protection of law and order and using the most modern means of combating crime, including enhanced models of weapons and equipment. By today 2 seasons of the series have been presented, and many viewers are puzzled with the following question: when will Active Raid: Kido Kyoushushitsu Daihachigakari season 3 be presented? Release date of the renewed show on Tokyo MX channel and its coming on the screens around the world is still unknown, and the third season premiere has all the chances not to be presented at all. Anyway, the creators probably give all the information concerning the return of the show in the nearest future.

Authors and Developers

The first season air date was presented to the world January 7, 2016. In fact only one season aired, but the authors decided to divide it into 2 pars, and either included 12 episodes. The last one was presented on September 27, 2016.
Active Raid: Kido Kyoushushitsu Daihachigakari Season 3
The two directors who are the chiefs of the anime are Gorō Taniguchi and Noriaki Akitaya. The person who has developed the story and plot of the series is Naruhisa Arakawa.
The producers responsible for the promoting of the show among the audience are such people as:

  • Sawada Tomohisa;
  • Hiroyuki Birukawa;
  • Umeda Kazusuna.

The most outstanding channel broadcasting the series is network Tokyo MX, which will definitely present the next new episode in case of renewal.

About the Anime

The action project displays the near future, where numerous police forces can not cope with the increased level of crime and have to apply new technologies in order to protect the civilian population. The fighters for justice are starting to use new modern equipment that surpasses the capabilities of old models. In addition, weapon is also improved, and it has acquired new modifications. The idea of the anime is to show the work of one of such Japanese groups Unit 8.
The cast of Active Raid are the actors whose voices are heard in all the episodes:

  • Nobunaga Shimazaki ;
  • Ari Ozawa;
  • Takahiro Sakurai;
  • Masayo Kurata;
  • Shizuka Ishigami and others.

Chances for Renewal and Rating

A new season release date is still shrouded in mystery, but many experts do not believe in the continuation. The suppose that the series has too little dynamics, and the creators will not present season three because of a low rating (on IMDB this figure is 5.5). But, anyway, stay tuned and find out if the second season is finale or not and whether the show will be renewed for another part.


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