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The ranobe adaptation of the harem comedy Absolute Duo, full of exciting battles appeared in 2015. However, the creators do not hurry to renew the story for the second chapter.

Short review

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At the beginning of the previous year, we had the chance to see the TV adaption of the famous ranobe “Absolute Duo”. That was January 2015. Takumi Hiragiboshi wrote it, and Yu Asaba drew. The ranobe came out in August 2012.
The anime adaptation included 12 episodes broadcast on such channels as AT-X, Tokyo-MX, and KBS.

What is the anime story about?

The story is a classic harem comedy. There are more females than males in the picture.
The protagonist’s name is Tooru Kakonoe. He lost his beloved sister and wants to revenge her death. He enters Koryo Academy. There, the students learn to wield the weapon known as the Blade to become the peace-builders. To attend the Academy, the applicants must pass a test. They must win in a battle during the qualification ceremony.
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Tooru is in luck. It turns out that he possesses the ability of shielding that makes him Irregular. And that’s when a question comes to mind: what does the title of the story mean?
So, the title is telling indeed. The high school has a peculiar duo education system. Two students come to be partners in fighting.
Tooru is assigned to a silver-haired Julia Shitguna. She is a sweet girl who has lost all her family and who is also eager to find the killers and punish them. Julia herself is an El-Awaken, her protective type is the sword. And she has unlimited power. Thus, they become a battle duo. As per the title, Julia and Tooru seem to be a completely perfect battle duo.
Julia loses her heart to Tooru. And that appears to be a lucky opportunity for them to be partners in the Academy of the Rock. They find out later that they are searching for the same killer. This fact unites them even more closely.
As you can see the plot is quite catching. It touches the nerve indeed. Thus, the success of the first season should have been gained in any case.

Discussions about the second season

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Unfortunately, there is no official information on the ratings of the first season. However, there are rumors that the second part of the series will appear on screens soon. The main reason for such speculations is that the material, the ranobe under the same title, is still in progress. Its creators keep publishing it. Moreover, the developers of the discussed adaptation did not use all the characters from the original work (at this moment, it consists of 9 books).
If the ratings are at least average, the creators will continue the story in the anime adaptation. However, the Absolute Duo season 2 release date remains unknown so far. But let’s hope for the best and wait for the official statement.

Update: Absolute Duo Season 2 Release Date

We still don’t know when the next season of Absolute Duo will be out. Or do we? After all, all anime series follow a pattern, and this one is no exception.
As a rule, it takes time to make a season of anime. Even if the previous season was a success, that can easily take up to several years. What does that mean for us? Why, that the next season’s release date might come out sometime this year. Not the anime itself, mind you, just the release date.

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