6HP (Six Hearts Princess)

Are you a fan of Murakami’s works who is considered to be a talented illustrator and director? If yes, you should be aware of the fact that one of the most popular people in Japan is now working on the new co-project of the franchise titled “6HP”. Unfortunately, the exact release date remains unknown so far, but we have a promotional video in store due to our luck.

Short review of the upcoming project

As the well-informed quarters said in the beginning of the previous year, the Six Hearts Princess (6HP) franchise would get a TV anime serial that is scheduled for broadcasting in 2016.
The immediate inspirer and main creator of the serial are Takashi Murakami. Now he is developing the story about a mysterious magical girl adding some new concepts to the main storyline.
Murakami is famous for his art masterpieces that are derived from Japanese pop culture. Many illustrations have been drawn to the series for its sudden topics. People have begun to take a keen interest in Murakami’s work in recent years, He received a great popularity after the launch his directorial debut titled “Jellyfish Eyes”, in 2013.
The place of production is presented by Studio Poncotan. The managing matters are entrusted to the Murakami’s company called “Kaikai Kiki”.
The artist Mebae is reckoned to be both an animation director and a designer.
The CG animation director is the one and the only Musashi Miura who works in collaboration with Yumi Nonoichiya, the editor of the franchise.
And now a short retrospective journey into the history. Six Hearts Princess started its era of the series of shorts in 2010. The project was developed specially for the director’s Versailles exhibition in France in 2010.
6HP (Six Hearts Princess) Promo

New concepts in the project inspired

There is no surprise in the fact that fans of the director are interested mainly in the anime itself. Up till now to the luck of the fans that are now in the state of anticipation, Murakami had launched the title Six Hearts Princess and its concept. According to the concept, it looks like we are to deal with the anime that tells mainly about the magical young girls. Moreover, if to take a look at the advertisement a samurai will turn to an android or possibly a yokai. The visual is reckoned to be a mixture of sci-fi, fantasy, and traditional Japanese samurai art. So there is no doubting that the series will look different from the original Six Hearts Princess project.

How did we get to know about the release of the discussed anime serial?

6HP (Six Hearts Princess) Anime
It is a kind of unusual way to declare about the beginning of the project’s production. So the thing is that announcement appeared on the back cover of the last winter month issue of the magazine titled “Bijutsu Techo” that is considered to be a modern art publisher. It was an advertisement on the full page.
However, there comes no information concerning the 6HP (Six Hearts Princess) release date that could encourage somehow the mood of the franchise fans. So let’s keep looking forward the premiere. And while waiting, enjoy the already released promotional video.


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