World of Warships Release Date

World of Warships release date

World of Warships release date has not yet been announced by developers. The game World of Warships is a client-based massively multiplayer online game dedicated to the naval battles during the first half of the XX century.

Graphics details

In World of Warships will use technology PBS, which will bring the quality of game textures on the next level. The technology is based on physical principles of the interaction of light with materials and very believable transmits lighting effects on a variety of surfaces, be it wood, metal, rubber, or different kinds of tissue.

Battle modes:

  • Fights, the purpose of which capture the enemy base;
  • Fighting to protect the location;
  • Fighting for the total destruction of the enemy;
  • Firing modes main fire: full volley and a half-volley, the use of which aim is more rapid.

Carriers will carry three types of aircraft. The player himself will choose the right amount and type of aircraft to attack.

World of Warships release date has not yet been announced

Vessel damage system will be based on two indicators: health – is the overall performance and survivability – the success rate of the crew struggle with a variety of injuries and fires.
Word of Warships release date on PC is planned September 17, 2015.

Word of Warships release date on Xbox One and PS4 is scheduled 2015-2016.
In January 2015 the team massively produces models of ships and creates a new gaming nation. For example, the company Wargaming is working on a branch of the Russian ships, which will be present and not embodied in metal projects domestic carriers. These ships never came off the stocks, but developed a detailed technical documentation. In branches, the pumping game will feature such classes of ships as destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers.
Developers considered the possibility of merging with World of Warships World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, thereby creating a complete multiplayer gaming universe.
Will you wait for this gorgeous game to be released?

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