The Technomancer

This year the world, the fans of the cyberpunk style specifically, is to see the premiere of the new game titled “Technomancer”. The game is yet to be scheduled, unfortunately. However, it is known that it will appear in 2016.

Quick outline of the upcoming project

The Technomancer Poster
Technomancer is considered to be a role-playing game about the secrets kept by the red planet. The developer turns to be Bound By Flame’s studio Spiders. The game is cyber-themed. So the admirers of such genre are welcome to look forward to the release.
The game is expected to include various quests with different endings. So the unfolding of the game events will depend absolutely on the player. That can be the thing that attracts attention of millions of cyber techno fans all around the world because here we are to choose our fate for ourselves.
On Mars, you won’t be alone. While progressing in the mission, you have contacts with a large number of characters with whom you can make friendship. Investigating the unknown world together with your friends presents a much more pleasing opportunity.  Post-apocalyptic time is to make creatures closer to each in an attempt to protect themselves.

Gameplay details

The Technomancer Promo
The plot of the game unfolds in the harsh realities of life on the red planet called surely Mars.
The story of the game is brought to a start after two hundred years of history has already happened on the landscape of the unexplored planet.
The character of the game is Technomancer that is being on the run from the secret police. The plot centers on different tribes and is held in shanties.
The game is distinguished by the correct trappings which consist of conversations with various characters and tech trees. The conversations are to cause alternations of the directions which lead consequently to different endings. There are five of them, by the way.
Here, the player is to enjoy three different fighting styles variants as well as many ways to improve both melee combat and your Technomancer lightning abilities, both acting in synergy with each other. The weapon is dynamic, as well the armour with which the player is equipped.
In the game, the levelling of companions is possible as well as the conducting of inventories.
The character is to possess magical abilities which the player can tune and use.
The Technomancer Screenshot

Information about the official launch

The post-apocalyptic shooter is still under development. The creators seem to be not in a hurry when it comes to the question of revealing information about the preliminary period of the game launch. Thus, The Technomancer release date is now yet to be defined. However, it is known that the premiere will take place this 2016 year.
The platforms for the upcoming game are the following: Xbox One, PC, and PS4. So it is a standard list for the majority of games.
Stay tuned with us in order not to miss the announcements about the launch details, the gameplay, and other inspiring things. Obtain information in time from the first hands.


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