Sea of Thieves

Later this year we are to experience an adventurous game under the title “Sea Thieves”. As you have already guessed by its the speaking name, the game is to be about pirates, and islands, and seas, thus everything for the players’ enjoyment.

Short review

Sea of Thieves Poster
The production company Rare Ltd has presented at the annual conference their new collection of old games called “Rare Replay” for Xbox one.
Sea of Thieves is multiplayer game for a great exploration experience about. The plot of the game centers on the occupations of pirates, obviously those who existed several centuries ago.
Though the developers have created only one promotional video, it is considerably enough for making an inspiring conclusion that the game will have at least average ratings. Let’s hope that our high expectations will be met after the game is released.
The trailer if you have noticed is making some kind of a hint to megaservers that are to be developed for the millions of players getting a magnificent possibility to cooperate or fight with each other. And this consequently leads to the great expansion of the open world. By the way, when it comes to megaservers, it is not only about this game. The thing is that such servers increased in their ground support specifically in the genre of multiplayer games that propose open worlds for exploration. And there is no wonder in this statement because such volumes need a firm ground to fix on.

The gameplay

Sea of Thieves Promo
The game space is an open world full of desert islands, pirates, endless waters of the ocean, and gold which is pursued by the pirates.
The online game gives really great chances to the fans of adventurous games to play together with their friends joining thier missions. They are to own ships, create various buildings. The virtual pirates can thieve everything they want including goods, gold, and provisions. You can attack a ship or make invasions to the villages or vice versa protect them from other characters’ plundering on your own or together with your friends or simply strangers from the game.
There appear also a lot of opportunities to battle with AI enemies. The players are also to obtain opportunities to upgrade their ships while progressing in the game in order to make them competitive in the game and get a chance to fight with enemies equally.

How long should we wait for the adventure?

Currently, we are keeping abreast of news coming from the first hands. And we must now a little bit disappoint you saying that there is no Sea of Thieves release date. However, it is now widely known that the game is to appear on Holiday this year. Thus, it presents at least a launch timeframe.
Have your finger on the pulse of the game and you will not miss the opportunity to try the upcoming project being one of the first players. And while waiting now, we highly recommend to visit the official website of the game and to enjoy the trailer and posters in order to obtain another portion of anticipation.


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