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Have you just got to know about the new video game from the Pokemon franchise? You should be informed therefore about the very features it proposes to gamers. Let’s take a look at principal issues and characteristics of this newbie in the world of video games.

Exploring surroundings of the real world

The world of the Pokemon GO video game reminds fully that we can experience in the real world including the Hokkaido and Kanto regions of Japan, New York, and Paris. This list of inspirations is not over.

The game is available for those who can be proud of having iPhone and Android devices. Traveling the virtual world of the game you are exploring various picturesque locations including big cities and small towns and are given a task to catch different species of Pok?mon. There are more than hundred of them in this game. Therefore, you have many levels to take up your time. As a conclusion, we should say that the world of Pok?mon is not a virtual but a real one. Moreover, the world you are to explore will be your own as you are given a chance to follow any way you wish and need. So what can be most exciting than creating your own reality?

As you enter the game for the first time, you should customize your personal trainer. You can give him the look that fits him best according to your personal view. Then he will be appearing on your screen as you move around on the map.

Catching Pokemon species is not an easy task to perform it as they are mostly wild. To take possession of them, you should have enough experience which you will get only during the course of the game, as well as a sufficient amount of PokeBalls, the very means for catching these exceedingly fast creatures. Do not lose a chance to catch them all as you move around. Your smartphone will notify you about the near Pok?mon by vibrating.

What else can be noted about this game?

The game can be downloaded free of charge at your store. The principal levels and skills are available for everyone. The purchase of additional features is, nevertheless, possible if you wish to enhance your Pokemon GO experience, even more, buying special items.

You can make also snapshots of live scenes while playing by means of hitting the shutter button. Then a photo will be saved in the inner memory of your smartphone.

While exploring surroundings, you will be provided with new soundtracks composed by Junichi Masuda, who has been working on creating music for the franchise from the very start of its launches.

We hope we have inspired you to join the loyal following of this game as it is really worth trying it. And once trying, you will be captured by it for a long period.

What is Pokedex?

Pokedex is a feature of the game you should achieve when completing the necessary amount of caught Pokemon in each level. Apart from Pokedex, you will be able to get access to more powerful additions, such as Great Balls, to simplify the task of catching Pokemon.

The special addition to the game is the possibility to join one of three teams. At a certain level, you will get access to a Gym. Each player is enabled to place only one Pokemon at a particular Gym, so you’ll need to work together with other members of your team to build up a strong defense.

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