The Church in the Darkness

Richard Rouse seems to be a genius now, as currently he is creating the game without a certain story which we to develop for ourselves. Does it sound amazing for you? If yes, let’s take another step of our conversation deepening into the details of the upcoming project.

Short review: one creator, the immediate theme of the story

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The developer of the game is reckoned to be Richard Rouse III. Surprisingly, he works as an independent creator but officially can be referred to such companies as Ubisoft and Microsoft.
It can be conceived as an utopia masterpiece. The creator uses the principals of fractal artwork. And from this point, we begin to realize that the player is the story, not the game. In order to simplify the question, let’s define somehow the plot.

What is the plotline?

There is no difference whether you are a woman or a man because it doesn’t matter here at all. The main thing that you have a nephew, or maybe a niece, named Alex.
The time of action is the late 70s of the previous century. Your sister is beside herself with worry. The reason for it is the escape of her son about whom we have already talked. One day he makes up his mind to follow the Collective Justice Mission.  in South America.
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This unknown club strange from the first sight is the asylum for those who have some unexpected beliefs about God and the government of the country. It turns to be a cult. And the main character named Vic is to find this Alex. Once the player starts the game, there appear a large number of aspects that influence you unique fate in South America.
So “The Church in the Darkness” is based on political and social questions. It signifies that the player’s fate and the unfolding of events id dependent on its inner beliefs. Here you and your principles are not to be judged. Here you are not right or wrong. Here you are a person who creates a history.
You’re to be always Vic, and you’re to be all the time in South America in order to chase Alex to bring him home. The husband and wife are considered to be always the establishers. However, in any given mission that you are to complete, the husband can have more radical opinions than the wife’ point-of-view or controversially. There is also the possibility that next time they will present a real team. In any way, Vic will receive as much data as he needs.

Gameplay and other interesting things

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It seems like the game is going to obtain some characteristics of a roguelike genre, however, the creator is sure that it not the given genre representative in its full form. Some modes will have permadeath, for instance.
Your "pursued dog" is Alex. To achieve this goal, you’ll go stealthily to South America. You can commit a murder. However, in this case, you should hide the bodies in order to cover up the crime.
The Church in the Darkness release date remains now unknown as it is still under development. Stay tuned in order to be notified in time about the launch and to get information about the game details.


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