When Will Titanfall 2 Be Released?

When Will Titanfall 2 Be Released?_Release_Date


There have been rumors first and then a series of official confirmations from the developer company that a sequel to Titanfall is coming out soon. Although the release date is not yet confirmed, Titanfall 2 is currently in development.

The first Titanfall was out in 2013. The fans of the popular shooter game — and there are over 8 million players deeply involved in the game’s world — are convinced that the second installment is destined to happen. The executives from Respawn Entertainment, such as the founder and head Vince Zampella, have shared some insider information. The studio has been divided into two projects, one of which is related to Titanfall, and the staff of the other project are working on something else.


The studio’s CEO Zampella stated that the upcoming Titanfall 2 will not be released before 2016-2017. Certainly, a couple of years are not enough to make a high-quality sequel to Respawn’s best game of the last 10 years. While the fans are raving that it always takes so long to get one’s hands on a new chapter of their favorite game, Titanfall is too serious a project to fasten the development process.

For instance, Titanfall has received 6 awards from the critics at the E3 2013 event. Also, it has a solid rating of 9/10 provided by a number of reliable game media resources. Finally, the game’s success can be seen from the very fact that its beta version attracted 2 million worldwide users, and its final version gathered 8 million. Therefore, the second chapter of Titanfall should in no way be worse than its predecessor.


Titanfall was published by the Electronic Arts company, and so will be Titanfall 2. The publisher states that it will be a multiplatform project available across different platforms. On the other hand, this conceals not very good news: the old-generation consoles will not be supported. On the other hand, PlayStation 4 will be the main focus of the developers, after this platform was forgotten in the first Titanfall. The upcoming game will be also available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and PC. So whatever console you have, Titanfall 2 will be coming to your homes.


The game’s admirers all over the world are excited about the new Titanfall 2. It is everybody’s hope that the upcoming installment is not worse than the initial game, but, on the contrary, even better. What are your expectations of the game? What console you will be playing it on?

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