What is the Release Date for Half Life 3?

What is the release date for Half Life 3

What is the release date for Half Life 3? When will Gabe and Co make us all very happy and announce at least some news related to the development of Half Life3?
There is a legend that Half Life 3 exist. At least in the minds and hearts of millions of fans of the popular videogame franchise. The last Half Life video game was released in 2004. It was the revolutionary game that changed the whole industry forever.

The release date for Half Life 3 is confirmed

Annually thousands of different rumors and promises about Half Life3 appear, but usually they are just fakes. But this year it was proved by one of Valve insiders that Half Life is already in the development! Great news for the fans who expect to find about the date release of Half Life 3 any day now.
We wanted to see the HL3 trailer on E3 2014, but it didn’t happen. So we hope the next year’s E3 will show the sneak peek of the sequel to the legendary sci-fi epic by Valve about Gordon Freeman and his friends surviving in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The rumored (not even approximate) release date for Half Life 3 is October, 2015. Let’s hope for the best!

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