What is the Release Date for Doom 4?

What is the release date for Doom 4
What is the release date for Doom 4? When the long expected 4th installment of the cult FPS game will appear on the next-gen consoles?
The developers named the approximate date in a small teaser that was demonstrated on E3. The fall of 2014 seems probable enough but the in video game industry the change of the date release is nothing, so we expect there won’t be changes with the date release of Doom 4.

The release date for Doom 4 is announced

ID Software decided to change the concept of their franchise in Doom4 – make it bigger and, hopefully, better. They remade the concept and design so many times, trying to create the game with the certain old-school spirit. To create the new associated only with the Doom franchise.

Doom 4’ developers want to do something that the fans really like, so they could be happy to feel nostalgia for playing previous Doom games.
The game will probably look its best in a single player campaign, but the multiplayer mode is also promised to be interesting. We need to play the game to truly appreciate it. And we’ll be able to do this when Doom 4 will be released.
The approximate release date for Doom 4 is October of 2014.

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