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Watch Dogs 2


The second installment of the stealth action game Watch Dogs will be released in 2016. The developer company Ubisoft has confirmed the information, but has not made any announcements yet regarding the exact date. It is known that Watch Dogs 2 is currently in development.

The original game has become a real hit among the gamers and gathered a real army of loyal players. Previously, there was no intention to make another Watch Dogs, but, once the game gained popularity, it has become evident that the second chapter has to be created. Besides, leaving the story unfinished would be unfair. The game features brilliant graphics with carefully thought-through elements, challenging gameplay, and an exciting story. These details have made Watch Dogs perceived well by the players and critics alike.


Ubisoft has made a claim that the upcoming game will also have outstanding features and might be even better than its predecessor. It also seems that the developers have collected a significant amount of material, enough to start thinking about the third chapter. At the moment, the script is already in process, and the development will start once the Watch Dogs 2 is out.


Watch Dogs 2 will become available on the main platforms — PS4, Xbox One, and PC — not sooner than in 2016.

Watch Dogs has become the best selling Ubisoft games. This makes the second part long-awaited by the players and guarantees its success. On the other hand, the developers should do a really good job in order to not disappoint the fans — the game really should be better than the previous one to keep the players waiting for more.


All in all, the first part of Watch Dogs did have something to be criticised for. For a start, the users expressed hopes that the graphics would be more thought-through, and the characters would have more personality about them. Also, Ubisoft is known for its Assassin’s Creed franchise. The fans of the latter were never left to wait for the next chapter too long. This is is extremely unlikely to happen with Watch Dogs.

The release date of Watch Dogs 2 is yet to be announced by Ubisoft. Stay tuned for the updates.

Have you played the first chapter of Watch Dogs? Do you agree with all the criticism?

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