The Walking Dead Season 3 Release Date

The Walking Dead season 3 release date was announced. TellTale Games confirmed the release of The Walking Dead.
Graphic novel series “The Walking Dead” by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore produced more than ten years in a row, continues to generate game adaptation. Not so long ago a TV channel AMC released a new trailer for the mobile game The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, the release of which will be timed to coincide with the premiere of the fifth season of the series of the same name. And soon after that studio Telltale Games has announced plans for a third season of his version of "The Walking Dead."
 About the rumors of The Walking Dead game
It’s predictable, but no less pleasant news was made at the conference publishing Skybound Entertainment, founded by comic writer, the festival Comic-Con 2014, which was held from 24 to 27 July in San Diego. The conference was attended by Kirkman himself, after the event willingly giving interviews on the fifth season of the television series and announced The Walking Dead: Season 3. But no significant detail were announced.
After the end of the second year of The Walking dead the third season of the game will launch no earlier than 2015. It is possible that the second and third seasons of the developers tie "bridge" in the form of a small supplement in the manner of 400 Days. The name of the protagonist of the new season also kept a secret, but given the huge sympathy fan-site community to Clementine, developers will have to make the choice carefully.

The Walking Dead season 3 release date was announced

About other projects of TellTale Games
Although the announcement of the third season of The Walking Dead was almost inevitable, many admirers of California studio had hoped to hear something about the continuation of The Wolf Among Us. But, if you remember the number of ongoing projects Telltale Games, a speedy return of the Grey Wolf looks unlikely. In addition to the new portion of the zombie drama, developers are now in full working on Tales from the Borderlands, which starts this fall, around the same time with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. On top of that they are working on a project based on the episodic "Game of Thrones", which is involved in the creation of assistant George Martin (Geroge RR Martin). Moreover, the studio plans to launch the final episode of the second season of the history of Clementine, called No Going Back.
About the franchise of The Walking Dead games by TellTale Games
Recall the first season of The Walking Dead come out from April to November 2012 on Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android and iOS. In August last year were able to join him owners PlayStation Vita, and this year the developers will take it on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Ouya. To date, Telltale Games has sold more than 28 million episodes of the game. The first episode of the second season was released in December 2013, followed by the second in March, the third – in May, and the fourth, Amid the Ruins, became available in the past Tuesday, July 22.

The Walking Dead season 3 release date was confirmed for production in 2015.
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