The Last of Us 2

The popular game The Last of Us is waiting for a sequel that will add number 2 to its title. We are waiting for the announcements from the developers and publishers alike, and will provide all information we have on the game below.
The Last of Us 2
The Last of Us is a horror survival game centered around a zombie apocalypse theme. It has become one of the best video games in this particular category. The story unveil in the midst of a desert which was once the USA, a wonderful country of free people. Everything has turned to ruins following the horrible events during which zombies took over. The surviving humans are rare and are fighting for their lives. In the game, zombies are conscious, and they respond to every action you take. It means that you need to be really smart to plan everything and fight them.
The Last of Us 2

What do we know about The Last of Us 2 release date?

Very little is known about the release date of The Last of Us 2. The developers either don’t know about it or keep the date secret. We can assume that the new film will come out in 2016 or 2017. Thanks to Michael Knowland, the artist with the project, the fans have some information about the creation process of the upcoming game. The artist used to work with the development studio Naughty Dog when it was working on the initial chapter of the horror game. He was also involved in creating the characters for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, another game by the studio. This time, it looks like he is doing art for The Last of Us 2. At the same time, Frank Tzeng has become Naughty Dog’s new artist; he may also be working on The Last of Us 2.
The Last of Us 2

Why should we be waiting for The Last of Us 2?

It might seem that zombies as a theme for a game have reached the peak where they cease to be novel. The players would be likely searching for the new themes and genres to play. Instead, Naughty Dog managed to grab players’ attention and create an engaging world which appeals to the many. Partially, it’s due to the outstanding graphics and a great well-written script. The Last of Us has earned a range of prestigious game awards and won the hearts of players. If the second part will be as good as the first one, then we should be looking forward to it.
Did you play The Last of Us? What did you like about the game in particular?

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