The Elder Scrolls 6

The iconic game The Elder Scrolls is rumored to have a new installment pretty soon. We are waiting for the official confirmation of its release date. Let us look into the details we know about the game and its upcoming sixth part below.
The Elder Scrolls 6

About The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls 6 will be the new installment of The Elder Scrolls fantasy game series. As one of the top hardcore games out there, it is much-awaited among the gamers all over the world. The game appeals many players due to the fact that it provides great freedom of action. You can choose from either the first or third perspective and don any role which you like. Compelling mythology and a decent choice of locations makes The Elder Scrolls an alternative world to be in. As a player, you can not just complete the game, but explore it in-depth for years thanks to the challenging gameplay and highly-developed game’s universe.
The Elder Scrolls 6

The possible release date of The Elder Scrolls 6

Game reviewers predict the release of The Elder Scrolls 6 somewhere in the nearest future, possibly even in 2016. There is a great demand for the games like this, high-quality RPGs with the profound graphics and a compelling story. Many players are hoping that The Elder Scrolls will be out soon and fill the gap of great game content amidst the abundance of casual games and pretentious one-time projects.

The locations of The Elder Scrolls

Although the game franchise is united by the common world and story, every installment of The Elder Scrolls has its own location and focuses on the particular characters. The fans are speculating that the new game might unveil on the Black Marsh territories, or Argonia. The lands are neighboring with Morrowind to the North and Cyrodiil to the West.
The Elder Scrolls 6
As it’s been mentioned above, there are plenty of locations in The Elder Scrolls. Everything is centered around the Tamriel continent, and the other locations somehow involved in the story include Akavir (the dragonland), Aldmeris (the lands of elves), Atmora (the forests of nonhumans), the underwater Yokuda, the Thras Archipelago, and the island of Pyandonea. Also, there is Argonia, which we have mentioned before.
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