Starlight Drifter

Are you willing to become an outstanding space drifter and earn fame? If yes, the upcoming game under the title “Starlight Drifter” is scheduled to premiere in June this year precisely for you.

Quick outline for the game

The production studio id reckoned to be Dharker Studio. The game combines in itself such genres as action, adventure, and indie.

What is the game going to offer to us?

Do you imagine yourself being a captain of a space ship, the so-called starlight Drifter, that is floating through the expenses of the universe discovering various interesting mysteries and earning the reputation? If you are not against this idea, welcome on board! Make your own way in the huge galaxy!
A large number of years after the interstellar era had begun passed. It is a common thing now for people to live among stars. However, people were not the first who came to live in the galaxy. A lot of creatures inhabit it. Some of the beings become friends with people; others prefer to be at enmity with us. Many wars were unfolding since the human race became the residents of the galaxy universe.
Since those times humanity has coped with the ordeal, the last government the I.E.R. has vanished together with its advanced technology with them and leaving only corporations as for example the U.S.C. to control the planets of people.

The player is to be provided with a renewable vessel. In the game the user is able to form a crew and make your own way out in the universe for good or bad.
The vessel is not considered to be a common vehicle; it is one of the last remains of the previous era, one of the last versions from the times of the I.E.R. government. It is provided with a fantastical engine system that makes a split-second trip between planets by means of Quantum space possible.
With such a vessel everyone is able to receive popularity and fame. Thus, the game is for ambitious people who are willing to create the life in the way only they like.

Game characteristics

  1. You are to choose your gender in the game.
  2. You can become closer to your crew communicating with them while exploring the space.
  3. There is also an opportunity to have love affairs with your favorite member of the team.
  4. You are able to hire another team that is considered to be more experienced than the standard one.
  5. Here there is a great possibility to build your own life full friendship, love, war, and other things that we have in reality.

System requirements

Starlight Drifter Promo
Let’s define the minimum demands of the game to the PC with Windows. They are the following:

  • Windows XP
  • The processor 1.66 GHz
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • The graphics card compatible with DirectX
  • 1GB of free space on a hard disk

Thus, as you can see the demands are not so high to be the reason for refusing from this game.

When can we expect its launch?

The Starlight Drifter release date is reckoned to be June 2016. Thus there are only three month before the premiere takes place. Thus, let’s keep looking forward the appearance of the game space exploration.


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