Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

The developers decided to gladden the fans of their famous franchise planning the launch of the third variant of the game. Let’s take a preliminary look at the anticipated shooter in order to get acquainted with it.

Short review

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If someone is not acquainted with the franchise, let’s clear it out saying that Sniper: Ghost Warrior is the child of the Polish company under the title CI (City Interactive) Games. The company is by the way also known for the development of such RPG game as Lords of the Fallen. The release of the first variant of the Sniper: Ghost Warrior game was held as far back as 2010.
The game is reckoned to be a shooter from the first person. It is always available for such platforms as PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One to the luck of the admirers of the game.
The Sniper: Ghost Warrior game seems to one of the most popular product in the CI Games assortment with more than 5.5 million copies being sold, that’s why the developers made up their minds to bring great material resources to the production of an absolutely new variation of the previous chapters of the project contributing in a such a way to its success.
The game has been famous for the realistic look at the virtual world including the direction of the wind or the drop of a bullet, there are much more examples that prove the aforementioned fact about true-to-life simulator. The third version is reckoned to be the first one from the series that obtains the AAA treatment from its creator. This is considered to be a great step up on the way of improvement.
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The story of the franchise

The main hero of the game is presented by an American sniper who is in the back areas of the enemy accomplishing there a range of tasks.  To be more precise, he should help the rebels in the battle against the militaries who have seized power in a virtual country having closed up the previous members of the government.

What is about the plot points of the third version of the game?

The action of the game takes place in the up-to-date history with the series of conflicts between three antagonistic factions. The game starts in Eastern Europe, particularly in Georgia. There the civil and proxy conflict is in the full swing. In order not to let another cold war to begin, the players should take a former American sea soldier named Jonathan North who tries to enter Georgia under control to find and liquidate the criminal the sea soldier is connected to.
The game will be proposing obviously new challenges for players who are fond of matters about making the best tactics in the fight while still being available for the of admirers of the classical first-person shooter.
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Release details

The debut of the game is appointed for the first half of this year. However, there is no precise information about the Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3release date much to the regret of the game fans. Let’s stay tuned and wait for the third version of the game to come to please us.


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