Saints Row 5 Release Date

Saints Row 5 release date
Saints Row 5 release date was scheduled on PC and next-gen consoles. Do you wait for the new game in the popular funny sandbox franchise?
The most likely release date of Saints Row 5 on the PC is 2015.
This is the most likely time limit that can be designated. Moreover, according to some leaked information, we can assume what kind of story garters offer us developers! So, it will be a game tied at time travel, time manipulation and all like that!
Moreover, it is very likely that in spite of all the experiments, the creators try to return to the spirit SR2 – recognized as the most iconic and successful in its genre. We again expect insanely reckless adventure heroes; protagonists and opponents just left the characters. Everyone has their own cockroaches, incredible weapons and totally illogical goal! But that is what we love our game? Is not that why we prefer it to any GTA game? Fifth part may be the long-awaited "reboot" of the series, allows you to reset the accumulated with funny cargo sequels.

Saints Row 5 release date was scheduled

If everything is brilliantly produced, we will see a revolutionary creation that can overshadow their banter-serious storyline and gameplay all AAA projects in 2015.

Saints Row 5 release date was announced – fall of 2015.
What are you waiting from the new game?

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