Resident Evil 7 Release Date

Resident Evil 7 release date
Resident Evil 7 release date was confirmed. It’s no secret that the new part of the Resident Evil vengeance is in development, so that the America we open the news.
Official confirmation of Resident Evil 7 release date
Interesting is another news. Namely, that in the end will turn out. And here is where the intrigue begins. Ahsan Rasheed (one of developers of the franchise) in his Twitter-account today just exploded messages about the new Resident Evil. It all started with an innocent, "New information on Resident Evil on the way. "Rebirth" will be on X1, PS4, 360, PS3, PC". In fact, it followed the following message: "The game will be released in 2015. The information and really go soon." The intrigue does not end there. Mr. Rashid continued to wind up the audience: "If you owned a GameCube in 2002, you will be particularly pleased to hear the news."

Resident Evil 7 release date was confirmed

Well, we advise to pay special attention to the word "rebirth". Well, let’s see.
Resident Evil 7, according to developers, will be the loudest project and return the game in those hard times, when it was a hardcore survival horror game , not just a random shooter with a 10-year old mechanics. In any case, the developers have promised to get back to basics. What will come of this – we’ll see. And perhaps very soon.

We should wait for Resident Evil 7 release date in 2015.
Are you waiting for the new game?

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