A Quiver of Crows

The world is looking forward to the appearance of a highly anticipated game under the title “A Quiver of Crows”. In spite of the fact that it is under way now, everyone can find a lot of positive reviews from critics on the Internet. Thus, the premiere should be awesome.

What about the plot of the game?

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The company Sheado.net is about to launch one more exciting game and in this case about crows. Does it sound interesting? Whom do they present here? So here they are the fighters, they are opposed to demons from which they try to get rid of in order bring peace again to their world in order to restore peace in a land haunted by an ominous darkness.
While making a trip in the land, the crows receive some magic weapons for fighting with their enemies. Moreover, some of the environmental elements can be taken to the player’s advantage.

Short review: creators, pluses and minuses

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A Quiver of Crows is created by the company Sheado Games, the immediate developer is Eras of Alchemy). The genre of the game is a shooter in addition to the shmup.
Frankly speaking, it a very rare thing in fact to find any kind of shooter in which the main characters are the organic creatures, as traditionally, it is for various robots and other dreadful mechanical creatures to threaten us.
The world of the game comes to be very circumspect as well as the graphics that pleases the eye of a player greatly. The game suits people who are fond of dark ominous worlds full of bones, dirt, and flesh. It’s not for users with weak nerves indeed.
In this shooter the player is to obtain more control power in terms of the place where they move and how fast they choose to manage the levels.
As again about advantages of the game, it includes various levels and environments. Thus, you won’t be dissatisfied with it feeling boredom while playing.
While the creatures depicted in the game are not those that can be found in real life, they contain elements with which you are acquainted, for example, “skelecrane” boss, or the eyeball enemies.
There is also a great deal of enemies of different kinds. Each one has its own features that should be obviously taken into account while experiencing one or another level.
One more plus aspect is that the game is provided with couch co-op action so take your friend in order to become obsessed with this addictive game together!
As for the minuses, there is one, however. The thing is that the level of difficulty is extremely high. If you don’t have a concrete strategy, the game will be presented to you as a kind of complicated challenge.
To make a long story short, the game will seem to your not perfect but, at least, worth trying it in any case.
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Release details

The game is now still under development. A Quiver of Crows release date is, however, known. It is June 2, 2016. All additional information is accessible on the official websites and social accounts of the developers. Stay tuned in order not to miss the info that is being updated constantly.


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