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 “Quantum Break” is a developing console third-person shooter game. It is created for Xbox One and the release was announced on the 21st of May, 2013. It’s going to be a real hit in the world of video games, cause it’s going to combine elements of the TV show with a fantastic video gameplay.


The protagonists of the story are Jack Joyce, Paul Serene and Beth Wilder (voiced by Shawn Ashmore, Aidan Gillen and Courtney Hope) – unlucky scientists who managed to get mystical abilities after one of the experiments.


There are three protagonists in the plot of the game. They have supernatural abilities and are able to control the time. The action takes place in the city of Riverport. The scientists from the local university made an unsuccessful experiment (they were trying to travel in time), which made the time itself get out of control. The main characters got an ability to control time. Their abilities are quite different – for example, Jack can stop the time and Serene sees the variants of possible variants of the alternative future and makes predictions.

The game is produced by Remedy Entertainment Ltd. They managed to create a very dynamic and unpredictable gameplay. The player will be able to shape the time when it’s necessary – speed it, stop it, predict it and turn it the way he wants it. Unique abilities of the main characters will give a chance to distort the time and change the way it twists. You’ll need strategic skills and plenty of attention if you want to affect the way the story goes.


There are some curious facts about the game, that you probably didn’t know:

  • William Joyce is the only one who can stop the time in the game. And he was the first one to invent the first time travel the machine.
  • The game was announced on the day when Xbox One was officially released. It is going to be created for Xbox One only.
  • The game will consist of the gameplay and a TV show – a series, the storyline of which will depend on the actions of the player in the game.
  • The official slogan of the game is “Time is power”.
  • The video game was created on the base of the series with the same title. The style and the idea of the series are closely connected with the game.
  • Everything happening in the game was scientifically explained by the physicians. The creators of the game consulted with specialists from universities studying quantum and classical physics.

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Quantum Break Cinematic Trailer Xbox One

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