PS5 Release Date

PS5 release date
PS5 release date is yet to be announced by Sony. But some CEOs have already shared certain information about the next-gen release of PlayStation 5.
President of Ubisoft believes that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will not be the final step in the development of the next-gen consoles. Yves Jilmo expressed his hope that in the near future, namely in 2018 will leave the next generation console. Despite the fact that Japanese consumers are showing a certain passivity, do not panic. And even that passed without much success presentation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is not a serious obstacle to further development.
What to expect from the new PlayStation 5?
The CEO gave some predictions about future technologies and shed light on the reasons for their disagreement with the opinion that the console attains the age, edition of Computer & Videogames.
Jilmo confident that advanced technology can cloud-perceptible change things for the better. The level of play will increase significantly in the next 5 years. Jilmo believes that the average quality will grow at the expense of higher performance consoles. Especially indie developers get a chance to have their say with the consent of Sony and Microsoft’s consoles.

PS5 release date is scheduled

Currently own more than two billion players worldwide use PlayStation. However, a greater number of players directly affect the understanding of game producers tastes and preferences of the player.
Consoles can evolve further, especially as the path for this in their hands.

PS5 release date is yet to be announced. CEO of Ubisoft supposes it will be 2018.
What do you want to see in the new PlayStation 5?

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