Those who take a keen interest in fantastical shooters are surely waiting for the launch of the full version of a highly anticipated game under the name “Overwatch”. Though beta version has been tested since the previous year, the developers do not hurry to announce the official release date.

Short review

Overwatch Poster
Overwatch presents to be an exciting multiplayer first-person shooter being created by the company “Blizard Entertainment”. The game is now still underway. The beta version testing was set as far back as in October 2015. The immediate goal of the limited test was to receive the constructive feedback on the mechanical characteristics of Overwatch.

What about the characters and the story of the game?

The upcoming shooter comes to be commanding. The player can choose among a great number of various characters. Each of them possesses unique abilities as well as the role in the playing team. Each team consists of 6 players.
Each character makes a definite contribution to the common course no matter what part of the game you obtain. The gaming roles are divided into four:

  • Defense. The character protects the areas providing them with the front lines. The defenders prepare choke points for the rivals.
  • Offense. Te personage deals with the immediate goals of the game taking a toll on the enemies.
  • Support. Such heroes possess various healing powers that help other characters to continue the battle.
  • Tank. It is a defender noted for supper survival abilities. The character wears undefeatable armors. They are able to draw the fire away from their teammates.

The players are given a great opportunity to toggle between characters that are in the current game.
The characters are fighting in fascinating real-world locations. The first three maps are made after the fashion of China, London, and Ancient Egypt.

Abundance of the interesting play modes

There are three of them in the game:

  1. Point Capture. The players who take the role of the attacking character must capture the points marked on the map while the defenders who present the opposite team must hold them up.
  2. Control. Each fighting group should take a certain territory area under its control and retain it until the percentage level comes to 100.
  3. Payload. The goal of the attacking team is to accompany the vehicle to a certain map point before the given time is over. The defenders, on the opposite, should put a spoke in the enemies’ wheel in order to prevent the vehicle from appearing at the point of destination. The vehicle is wagging along a steady track when a player on the attacking gaming group is nearby.

Information about the release date

The developers seem to be willing to turn the game into some kind of perfection. Testing is still in process, but we can only guess now about the Overwatch release date.  The rough date is considered to be June 21, 2016, at least not later than this day. It is, however, known that the game is to appear for such platforms as Xbox, PS4, and certainly Windows for PC.

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