Nier Automata Release Date

Nier Automata release date

Nier Automata release date has been confirmed. The details are given below.

Platinum Games is working on the new PS4-exclusive – the sequel to Nier RPG game that was released in 2009.
E3 2015 press conference by Square Enix had a couple of surprises. The conference was quite interesting and few new projects were announced, including new Nier project by Platinum Games. Later in October of 2015, Platinum Games released the first trailer of the upcoming Nier Automata game.
And yet, the project involves such staff as the designer of Metal Gear Rising Takahisa Taura and the composer of Drakengard Keiichi Okabe.

Nier Automata release date has been confirmed

The Plot:
The story will focus on the female android codenamed as YoRHa 2B. People left the captured by alien robots Earth and only androids are leading the final battle with the invaders – the only thing that reminds of the old masters of the planet. Cold-blooded and fought with two swords YoRHa keeps the number of secrets to be found already in the course of gameplay.
It promised that the gameplay will be held at 60 frames per second. The game will be exclusive only on PS4 console.
Nier Automata release date was confirmed only for PS4 and it will happen in 2016.
There is no information about Nier Automata release date on PC or Xbox One.
While waiting, please watch Nier Automata trailer:

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