It seems as we can hear already the coming of the anticipated motor racing game titled “MXGP2”, as it is to be launched very soon for PC on Windows. What new can we expect from the fresh version of the legendary motorbike game? We consider this thing to be very important for discussing. So, let’s give a quick start to our review.

Short outline

MXGP2 Poster
MXGP2 is considered to be a Motocross video game. Those who like such things are sure to take a keen interest in it. The game presents also an evolutionary version of MXGP. The racing has a firm ground. That is the 2015 FIM Motocross World Championship.
The production company and the publisher are considered to be the one and the only company titled Milestone S.r.l.

Game characteristics

What will we be provided with in the game? This comes to be a very interesting question for discovering. Let’s find everything out as if confessing.

  • The key elements of the game are obviously the licensed bikes, rosters, and tracks that were participating in the championship. However, the developers decided also to add something special to the game in order to underline its identity. It was your soul and heart. Be prepared for playing with your heart in your boots!
  • The players are to follow the original schedule of the aforementioned championship. Isn’t it a great thing? We think it is. At least, it adds to the atmosphere of the real competition.
  • The number of tracks is the same as in the case of the contest in 2015. It constitutes 18 authentic roads.
  • The creators also added a fresh mode which will be to taste to everyone. It is name is MXoN. Here we are to choose the nation and play by all its team members one after another.

It is worth mentioning that the creators promise us to develop a true-to-life world in terms of graphical aspects.
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System demands

Let’s talk a little bit about the recommended system requirements for the game. So they are the following:

  • Windows 7 and more for the 64-bit computer system
  • The processor with more than 3.7 GHz
  • Minimum 8 GB of RAM
  • The graphics card with more than 4 GB
  • DirectX version 11
  • The audio card should be compatible with DirectX
  • Additionally, you may use laptop versions of graphics cards.

As we can note, the demands are above average. This speaks volumes, however. If the requirement is considerably high, the game should be at least worth trying it.
MXGP2 Screenshot

What is about the launch data?

The MXGP2 precise release date depends on the platform on which the user is going to play. For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the launch is appointed for June 7, 2016. For PC, the release will be much earlier – on April 7, 2016. With what is such a time gap connected? Maybe with a lot of bugs that need to be solved in the case of PlayStation and Xbox. But it’s only a supposition, nothing else.
Let’s keep looking forward the launch of the beloved game subscribing to all possible resources in order not to miss any tiny piece f important information announced officially by the developers.


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