Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst release date

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst release date
Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst release date was confirmed during EA press conference at E3. The details are disclosed below.

The press conference at the Electronic Arts E3 2015 was named to be very poor – in addition to a platform Unravel, CG-teaser Mass Effect: Andromeda and demonstration of Star Wars: Battlefront event will be remembered only by the display Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. The project’s producer of Sarah Jansson unveiled Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst release date and the first look on its gameplay.

The details about Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst release date

Since its announcement at E3 2013, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst premiere was shown to the public only once – during the last year’s Los Angeles show. Then the developers showed an early prototype on which it was difficult to get an idea about the game.
The fresh trailer, as noted at the beginning of the video, entirely assembled from fragments of the game engine Frostbite 3. In the first half of the movie is revealed complication: Young tracer Faith escapes from the building a private military corporation "Kruger", which keeps at bay residents of the City of Mirrors. Together with a mysterious helper girl decides to fight for the liberation of the metropolis and joined a secret group of couriers, known as the Running (Runners). She will play a key role in the overthrow of the ruling elite and the disposal of the city from the shackles of totalitarianism. In concept art below imprinted main antagonist Faith. In the second part of the trailer, the main protagonist shows some spectacular acrobatic and combat techniques.

About the gameplay of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

The gamers will be able to explore every corner of the open world of the city – from the tops of skyscrapers to the dark and dirty sewage tunnels. According promise Jansson, the transition between the areas will not be loading screens – on the game map will help to move freely. Among gameplay innovations claimed the test "Snatch" – running a race from point A to point B – puzzles and plot tasks that can be performed during the game.
“When we decided to present the Mirror’s Edge new generation of gamers, we wanted to show them the full potential of the first game – the transformation of Faith in an epic heroine, beautiful and stylish game world, a dynamic first-person shooter – said Jansson. – The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst you literally feel what it’s like to slide on the upper edge of the city. You will learn how to crash into a crowd of enemies like a rocket. And you know all the details of the history of Faith”.

The new Mirror’s Edge game will be a multiplayer component, not in the original game of 2008. We know that users will be able to penetrate into the realms of each other (as in Dark Souls, or Watch Dogs) and fight for positions in the table of records. Other details of multiplayer Electronic Arts is kept secret.
Electronic Arts has opened pre-orders on its service Origin. All early buyers of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst are waiting for the addition of Real (shader projections with live subjects, changing the look of your character in the game world of friends, a special label as a Runner, which will provide you on the leaderboard, and a unique backdrop for the screen hacking) and Speed (same content, but decorated in the theme of the high-speed parkour).
Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst release date was confirmed for February 23, 2016.
It is worldwide Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst premiere – both in Europe, North America and Asia.
Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is developed in versions for PC (Origin network), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst release date is expected simultaneously on all platforms – PS4, Xbox One, Pc.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst release date on PS3 and Xbox 360 is not expected.
What will you wait from Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst premiere?

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