Mirror’s Edge 2 Release Date

Mirror’s Edge 2 release date

Mirror’s Edge 2 release date was already announced and scheduled. What to expect from the sequel of the popular DICE game?

The popular game in the genre of parkour Mirror’s Edge will be continued. The developer of Mirror’s Edge – DICE – already informed about this decision. This contributed to the success of the original version – because it was the first and most successful game of this genre. Fans remember: "Our blood was up from adrenaline when we run, jump, or just parkour heart" stops "when we took a new node in the virtual parkour. And after we click on «exit games», our body ached load, and we were going to catch up and push-ups or overcome altitude sports. Of course, such comments have not gone unnoticed. And so, now we can talk about the future of our game”.
DICE has paid much attention to exploring the game world. It also takes into account the wishes of the players. In the second part of the game to throw off the shackles of us – the world is infinitely open to us – the gamers. And what virtual parkourmen like restrictions when you want to run and jump! Now you can pass the game is already in its sole discretion and subject to a variety of options. Previously, we walked along the "corridor", and now we have provided "Stadium". And we choose – or take a short cut on the diagonal of the stadium or move a long way along the perimeter to try out all the possibilities.

Mirror’s Edge 2 release date was scheduled

Now we can make better use of the world to promote. And the other factors were not ignored developers. For example, the enemies were in the first part, but more and more they will be in the second part. In «Mirrors Edge 2" will be a lot of methods for the disposal of urban opponents. We will be able to repeat the tricks of the game «Far Cry 3": jump off the roof, aiming at the enemy and it is easy to kick off. Yes, and the physics of motion of the main character in battle has become much more beautiful and more powerful. Developers «Mirrors Edge 2" reported that they invited professional tracers and copy their movements, and then incorporate them into the game. We also know that they have to rethink the role of "traveling" in this world.
One only has remained unchanged – the name of the main character. As in the first and in the second game of parkour star is Faith. Above the plot has not reported. DICE knows how to hide a secret. While all.
Mirror’s Edge 2 release date is scheduled for 2015.
PC release of Mirror’s Edge 2 on PC is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2015

Mirror’s Edge 2 season release date on Xbox One and PS$ was scheduled for the very end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016.
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