Mirror`s Edge Catalyst Release Date

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Release Date


After a long delay the game is planned to be released in May. It will be available for PS4, PC and Xbox One. The original game will be accompanied by a collector’s edition (the approximate price is 200$). It will show the adult life and the childhood of the main character. Faith is getting back to her adventures full of action and death. The project is created and produced by Tom Keegan and Christofer Emgard. The game is created by Electronic Arts. It’s partially connected with the project of 2008 (“Mirror’s Edge”). The game was planned to be released on the 23rd of February 2016, however, the release date was changed for the 24th of May, 2016.

The game is going to have single player and multiplayer mode with cooperation and competition possibilities.


Karen David as Actress, Faye Kingslee as Faith Connors (voice), D.C. Douglas as Commercial Announcer (voice), Michael Rose as Gabriel Kruger, David Babich as Scientist, Jeff Berg as Icarus, Jessica Anne Bogart as Actor.


It’s a first-person action-adventure sci-fi game where you’ll play for Faith Connors. The action takes place in Glass – a futuristic city. Faith does her best to fight with totalitarian corporations that control the city.

The game is partially connected with the original project – Mirror’s Edge. The players will move through the city exploring and completing tasks and missions. You’ll use parkour elements and get control of some of the elements of urban environment (zip-lines and ledges, for example) to get from building to building. You’ll be able to mark your objectives on the game map and turn your “runner vision” ability on – this way the vital elements of the environment will be highlighted.

The linear gameplay of the original game is replaced by an open-world adventure where you’re free to do everything you think to be important. The players are going to have complete freedom to do what they feel like doing. There will be the campaign mission and some additional side activities – you’ll participate in races and work on some quest elements and puzzles.

Loading screen is promised to be deleted from the game giving the players an opportunity to move from one place to another without any delays. Another new option is connected with Gridleaks – special items that can be found and collected.

There’ll also be a multiplayer option. You’ll be able to participate in cooperative and competitive modes. The gamers will have a chance to see themselves in the leaderboards.


The game won’t have levels and the game world will be fully open.

There won’t be gun fighting in the game.

The game is going to be about Faith’s past – it will explain how she’s become a runner. 

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story Trailer – I Am Faith

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has a dark secret

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