Minecraft 2 Release Date

Minecraft 2 release date is highly discussed among fans of videogamers. When to expect for this game?

The recent changes in the development team of the game Minecraft fans gave great hope that the continuation of the legendary game will be released in the near future. The fact that Microsoft has acquired in September of 2014 Mojang Studio let us suppose that the new Minecraft game will be exclusive for Xbox and Windows platforms.

When to expect for the second game in the franchise?

At this point, no one speaks more about the sequel. Phil Spencer head of the studio responsible for the business area Xbox in an interview for the portal Gamespot expressed doubt; the sequel is a good idea. Minecraft has reached an audience completely different ages. It is kind of bird finch with elements of survival.

Concept of Minecraft game:

What makes the game interesting are the additional modes and the ability to play in different worlds? This separation allows you to select the difficulty level of the game and go through it, from simple to complex. The popularity of this game is not so much in its complex storyline and unique graphics – and the ability to create for him.

Minecraft 2 release date is highly discussed

Should we expect to Minecraft 2 release date in the nearest future?

Developers have doubts whether to continue the game. Phil Spencer doubts that most fans really need a new version. He believes that the first version of Minecraft quite exciting and diverse. Participants seem to like the original. And today it would be wise to invest energy and resources to improve the current version, rather than creating something entirely new. Thus, in anticipation of the new version of Minecraft, fans can actually get quite a decent improved version of the original game. Follow along with us for updates on Minecraft.
Minecraft 2 release date is not relevant and yet to be announced.

PC and Xbox versions of Minecraft 2 should be expected at the same date.
Did you play the original Minecraft?

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