Mass Effect: Andromeda

The admirers of the Mass Effect franchise are now to wait until 2017 in order to try a new brand under the title “Mass Effect Andromeda”. The release was moved from the original launch period of 2016 to the beginning of the nest year. Thus, the developers are preparing for us really something unique and extraordinary.

Basic info about developments

Mass Effect is considered to be originally a trilogy consisted of three variants of the game. The last version under the title “Mass Effect 3: Citadel” was launched as far back as in 2014. In this year, the new game was already under development.
The upcoming game is an RPG adventure created surely by Bioware (mainly known for the production of a breakthrough game under the title “Dragon Age”, that is predicted to steal the show making the players forget about the previous versions. Whether this expectation is to be met, we will see only after an official launch.


Mass Effect: Andromeda Screenshot
The gameplay in is held in a desert planet named Andromeda. It is to center on the investigation of the planet which reminds in some ways the old wild Western America.
With the new game, you will be able to become a ruler of the updated vehicle. The crew consisted of new characters is to be offered to the player for fighting with them, having love affairs, and learning their experience.
It presents a firm fact that Andromeda is situated far from the places the human race has got acquainted with. This leads in fact to the question: what plans does Bioware have for the new Mass Effect?
Three years ago, BioWare announced that the project character is no more Shepard. This causes a lot of suppositions about the new hero.
It is reckoned a very curious fact that a hero presented in the trailer is not Andromeda’s character. Obviously, any person who watched this trailer made a conclusion that this character should be the improved hero of the new game. However, it’s not him in fact. The developers do not hurry so far to reveal too many details concerning the new brand. However, it is known, that the player is to choose the sex of the character.

Release delay

Mass Effect: Andromeda Promo
The new version of Mass Effect under the subtitle “Andromeda” was the object of teasing since far 2012. Thus, 4 years have passed and with have nothing but a trailer and various posters for enjoyment. In the previous year, during a conference it was declared that the launch of the anticipated game is appointed for 2016. However, after this very soon the release was moved to the next year. Thus, the Mass Effect Andromeda release date is within the range of the first three months 2017.
The game is to be available for such devices as Xbox One, PS4, and surely PC.
Unfortunately, we have obtained another year of constant anticipation; however, at least, we should be glad of the fact that the developers have revealed the launch window. Stay tuned in order not to miss the upcoming information in the form of trailers and screenshots.


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