Just Cause 3

The new game from the Avalanche Studio titled Just Cause 3 will be released quite soon, in late 2015.
It’s been a while ago since the last Just Cause game came out. After 4 years of waiting, the fans of Just Cause and Just Cause 2 have been impatient to see the new chapter finally released. Here is some good news for them: the game’s developers and publishers have come to an agreement to deliver Just Cause 3 this year, and not just for PC, but also for the other two of the main platforms.
The game’s developers from Avalanche studio has been working on the game for some time. It will be available worldwide in late 2015.
The plot of the game unfolds on some group of islands in the Mediterranean where a mean and very powerful tyrant has captured the power. The protagonist named Rico is going to overthrow the chief villain with a mix of some cunning plan and an arsenal of useful tools, including a winged costume, paratrooper hooks, and, of course, explosives. It depends on the player, whether the battle is successful.
The third instalment of Just Cause game by Avalanche studio will be available for all main platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox One) in December 2015.
Are you looking forward to participate in a battle for the piece and tranquility on the archipelagos?

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