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Homefront: The Revolution game


 “Homefront: The Revolution” is created and developed by Deep Silver and Crytek UK. The official publication will be made by Deep Silver Dambuster Studios. It’s a first-person shooter with the open world. The release of the game was planned for 2015, but then Deep Silver changed their plans and postponed the event for the next year. It will be available for PS4, Xbox One, Windows and Linux in the upcoming year.


The protagonist of the story is Ethan Brady. He will do his best to organize his own army of rebels to win the War of Independence of the future.


The action of “Homefront: The Revolution” takes place in the same place where the original game does. Fourteen years have passed. Ethan Brady, the protagonist of the story, has to fight against the Korean army in Philadelphia. Everything happens in 2029 – in two years after the original game. The very first part of the franchise was released in 2011.

“Homefront: The Revolution” continues the original Homefront storyline. The control over Alaska and Hawaii is lost. Philadelphia is now a GKR headquarters. The city gets ruined slowly becoming a ghetto. Drones and army patrols keep a watchful eye on the population of the city. They use brute force to crush any dissent. Korean soldiers control every corner of the streets. The main character tries to do his best to protect his people on his own, creating the army and spreading the influence around the city that no longer enjoys its independence.

But no matter how hard your life seems, The player will need to organize a secret society and hide it in a headquarter. You’ll need to get weapons and recruit new rebels to form the resistance. You can continue the game in a small team or organize a real War of Independence. Be the one to get American independence back!


The company’s decision to shift the release date was explained like a chance to make the game a real bestseller. The game will support both single and multi-player modes.

The creators promise a more open world with many options available. There will be lots of missions that can be freely chosen by the player.

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Homefront: The Revolution game

Homefront: The Revolution "Thank You" Trailer – Gamescom 2015

Homefront: The Revolution Trailer & Gameplay Demo – Gamescom 2015

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