HomeFront: The Revolution

The second part of Home Front is coming this spring. New adventures of the guerillas and new fights are waiting for the admirers of the serious combats where the quick mind is extremely needed.

Short review

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It is the first person computer game from the company Crytek. The development of this game was entrusted to the newly-minted studio under the name Deep Silver. Primarily it was THQ that was engaged in this project. This company produced also the first version of the game. However, it turned bankrupt, and Crytek bought it to continue development process.

Is the plot going to differ from the first version?

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According to the official sources the plot will just continue the line of the previous variant of the game. The theme intends to remain unchangeable. The United States has been invaded for more than 4 years. The American rebellion troops stand against the Great Korean Republic. The main character is the leader of the guerillas. The Koreans are superior in their abilities: they have planes, high-technology armors and so on and so forth. The place of the fight is Philadelphia. Here the guerillas must apply the talent of deception, infiltration, diversion, entrapment, etc. The game serves to prove that the troops with the high-technology weapons can be defeated by the cunning and quirky mind of guerillas and the possible variants of warfare. The game turned to be no linear shooter at all.
However, this time it is the European Union that is going to be the ally for the USA. Unfortunately the news about the new game plot comes to an end. It is also known that the characters will move to the bank of Mississippi where the Koreans has poisoned the environment with the isotopes the radioactive iodine.
The world of the new version is expected to be more open. The amount of missions that the gamers will be able to choose should be significantly increased. The environmental settings are also expected to be changed by the players according to their wishes for either lurking means of fighting or guns tactical ways
Good news for the fans of online game. Here the players will be able to form their teams with their own friends, the so called Resistance Cell and to earn the rank of the Hero of the Revolution.
In Home Front: The Revolution it is possible to build a great career from a common citizen to a leader of the second War of Independence. The players can also hire the revolutionaries, build was bases, improve a deadly arsenal, etc.

Information about the game release

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The Home Front: The Revolution release date is slated for May 17, 2016. The expected platforms are as in the first version: Windows for PC, Xbox, PS 4, and Linux.
More information about the game will be accessible in the near future as the developers promise. However, now they confirm the fans that the work goes as planned before. The team of the makers believes that they are hammering ways at something really special. And this announce inspires a great hope.

This is Philadelphia Trailer

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