Hearts of Iron 4

This year we are lucky to face the challenge of playing a very intriguing upcoming game titled “Hearts of Iron IV”. If to get to know the entire list of the game features, no one can refrain from playing it indeed. Have this news roused you curiosity? If yes, let’s lead off with the review of the game.

Short review

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Hearts of Iron IV is a game in the genre of strategy created by Paradox Development Studios and released by Paradox Interactive. The game is still under development.
The immediate theme of the game plot is the World War II. The player is to play here the role of a head commander of a certain nation.
The interface of the strategy have the same volumes as the game itself: it is going to be translated to such languages as Russian, French, German, and even Polish.

What is about the game features?

The game presents great volumes for exploring. Let’s define them in isolation from one another.

  • The strategy is the principal weapon that is considered to be the surety of a brilliant victory. The developers keep paying our attention to the fact that everything depends on the side to which we can direct our mind. The thoughts tend to materialize. That’s why in this game the player should create his own strategy at first increasing the morale of the country residents and the militaries.
  • Original weapons, ammunition and vehicles. The creators are to provide us with the tools of those times. We are going to use everything that was available in World War II: tanks, ships, planes, guns, etc.
  • An opportunity to play for any nation that was participating in the war. Achieve the victory be means of commanding the troops of various nations giving a change to the history or reliving it.
  • The conditions of those battles are transferred to the game in their original forms. Thus, the players are to experience all sufferings the soldiers and officers had during the war no matter what was it: mud, snow, storms, etc.
  • You can afford to apply your talents in diplomacy or trading. The developers also added some political features to the game. Why not? Without it the war wouldn’t have begun.
  • Multiplayer platforms for up to 32 users. Isn’t it great news for the fans of the team game? You will be able also to fight against each other or become the allies. Create a perfect online team to gain the victory!
  • A pliable technology system for those who want to be unique. You are to create historic tanks, planes, and ships by means of research.

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These come to be only the principal characteristics of the game. But all of them are contributing to the plausibility of the game. More detailed information you can get on the official website of the strategy.

When should we expect the launch?

The Hearts of Iron IV official release date is appointed for June 6, 2016. The game will be available on Steam and also in other online stores.
Let’s possess soul in patience in order to wait till the debut of the anticipated strategy battle.


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