Hard Reset: Redux

The second version of the highly appraised “Hard Reset” is now under development is coming soon in this year.  Let’s define what different features the anticipated game is going to obtain.

Short review

Hard Reset: Redux Poster
Hard Reset is reckoned to be the first game of the company titled “Flying Wild Hog”. It is curious that the majority of the company members are the former workers in “People Can Fly”, the firm known for its Bulletstorm project. Its second great child is Shadow Warrior. By the way the second part of the aforementioned game is also under way for the following release this year. Thus, we are to have the entire two games from the same author.
Flying Wild Gof gave birth to the Hard Reset project in 2011. It is the FPS game with science fictions features. It’s a shooter from the first person. The upgraded version coming this year is to obtain improved visuals and design. The player is also to enjoy fights with new enemies by means of redeveloped weapons.
The original game was distinguished by dynamic fights with a lot of shooting. It reminded in some way the 90s years of the previous century. The weapons and visuals seem to be very pleasing. However, according to the commentaries from the critics and common players, the plot of the game leaves much to be desired. They also complained about the possibility of the playing character to pass away only due to the sudden explosions.
What the following version will show us and whether the creators will follow all wishes of the game fans, we will see at the premiere.
The available platforms will be traditionally Xbox One, PS4, and PC.
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Gameplay and the plot

The place of plot action is considered to be Bezoar. In the virtual world of humans it is the last asylum for people. The planet is occupied by the machines. Currently they take under their control huge territories named “Barrens”. So this is a kind of an apocalypse with the cyber punk direction.
The city is closed and protected from the invasion of the machines to which the human race has declared a war. The dangerous robots are eager to obtain a complete control under “The Sanctuary” that is reckoned to be a network in which a large number of digitalized human minds.
The main character of the game story is Maj. He is an experienced soldier of the special prestige combat unit that was created for the immediate protection of the city.
The robots keep attempting to assault the walls of the closed human asylum. Fletcher moves in when the impediments which has een between us and the machines are already destroyed.
Hard Reset: Redux Screen

How long should we wait for the new version of the game?

Unfortunately, we have no information currently about the Hard Reset Redux release date as well as about the price and other things as the plot and the possible engine of the game in which the fans seem to take a keen interest first and foremost. Stay tuned in order not to miss the data that can be obtained any day.


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