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The fans around the world are looking forward to the continuation of the popular franchise – “Half Life 3”. The first part of the game was released in 1998 and attracted millions of gamers from all over the world It’s one of the greatest science-fiction games ever! There are many rumors about the release date of the game, but not all the information is reliable. Let’s look at the bright side of life and hope for the fantastic continuation!

The creator of “Half-Life”, Marc Laidlaw, gave some vague hints on the third release of the project. Valve promised to confirm this information ASAP. Unfortunately, they are still silent.

What do you think about the development of the project? Have you got any reliable information? What do you think of the game and are you going to buy the third part if it comes out?


The main character of the series of games made by Valve is Dr. Freeman – a scientist, who made a mistake in one of his experiments and opened the gates to the evil dimension.


The game became successful because of the unpredictable and creative thinking of its creators. The first 3D shooters have never been anything more than pure shooters. “Half-Life” manages to combine shooting with a great number of monsters, catchy storyline and unpredictable sci-fi background.

The original games tell us the story of a professor, named Gordon Freeman. He works at Black Mesa – secret bunker laboratory. An unsuccessful experiment opens the access to some other dimension. The dimension was later called Xen. Creatures and monsters penetrated into the world of people through this door. Dr. Freeman had to start the fighting against these evil forces. The gates of hell must be closed to restore humanity.

The debut of “Half-Life” was truly promising. Then, the modifications of the game were created. Valve used Dr. Freeman as the main character for many other projects, like “Blue Shift” and “Decay”.

The second part of “Half-Life” was created in November 2004. Several years of waiting gave the chance to make the animation and the graphics a way better – contemporary technologies made it a real hit in the world of video games. The second part of the story describes the events of the alternative Earth history. The second part was also followed by a pack of new projects, like “Deathmatch” and “Lost Coast”.


There are some curious facts about the game:

  • Most parts of security doors are signed “Security 7G”. The funny thing is that Homer Simpson worked in was a safety inspector working at sector 7G.
  • It’s the first game created by Valve.
  • It’s Quentin Tarantino’s favorite game. He promised to create his personal adaptation of it for the big screen.
  • It’s the bestselling shooter in the history of shooters – more than ten million copies of the game sold.
  • The lockers are signed with the names of “Half-Life” creators.
  • Using a basic Half-Life source engine, the fans created their personal “Half-Life” version called “Black Mesa”. Valve supported the independent idea and gave it an official start.
  • Gordon Freeman doesn’t speak in the game at all.

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Half-Life 3 game

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