Half-Life 3

In spite of the fact that the developers has renewed officially the launch of the game under the title “Half-Life”, they tend to keep the exact release date in secret or there is also a possibility that the game is still have some great problems that need to be coped with. And it requires some time consequently. So we understand and keep waiting for the appearance of the new version of the game.

Basic info

Half-Life 3 Poster
Half Life is reckoned to be the entire series of games produced by Sierra. It presents a very interesting fact that the video game is very old. A first FSP game in the genre of science fiction under the title “Half-Life” was launched as far back as 1998. This comes to be a crucial moment in a life of millions nowadays fans of the game. Thus, each launch of the new version has been highly anticipated by the users since those times.

Why is this shooter so popular among gamers?

Let’s find it out together. The thing is that we get used to the shooting games that are meaningless in fact. There is no interesting story behind it. All you need to do is to kill various enemies by means of weapons you are provided with. This presents, however, a big problem for most of the games in this genre.
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The developers of Half-life made up their mind to bring something fresh to the general idea of shooters. And they came up trumps.
So they decided to put a certain exciting story behind the general task of killing and accomplishing different missions. Thus, the FPS video game titled “Half-life” was developed.

What is the story of the game about?

The plot centers on the main hero, a professor Dr. Freeman who is considered to be the immediate playing character. He works at the research center called Black Mesa. His laboratory is situated in a bunker. He completes a dangerous experiment that results in the Hell’s Gate opening. “Hells’s Gates” comes to be here nothing but the door to another world that is named Xen. A large number of threatening creatures have a possibility to enter our dimension.
Dr. Freeman has nothing left but to improve the situation at least somehow making attempts to expel the monsters from our world and to close the door to the Hell. Fully equipped he begins his dangerous journey with the player.
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Release details

The game is wrapped with a large number of various rumors concerning its launch date. Thus, it seems like our duty to make the situation cleat in order to prevent the misconception from coming back to the minds of the game fans.
The Half-Life 3 release date is unknown at the current moment according to the up-to-date information from official resources. Do not follow the resources that offer you the wrong day of debut speculating in such a way in order to earn the reputation of a reliable website that is first in unveiling the data.
So let’s keep waiting for the announcement about the launch to come to gladden us. And currently, we have nothing to do but to enjoy the posters and videos.


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